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Reviews for Naked Journey

PaigeNoelle2017.03.08 - 03:20PM3: AloneSigned
I'm enjoying rereading this story! I vaguely remember it from years ago when itbwasbforstvwrittsn. I've recently started back up reading fanfic after a long time away, and I'm glad I stumbled back onto this story. I love Harry and Hermione's conversation. It rings so true to me. When I got married the pastor asked me why I loved my soon to be husband. I had the same feelings Hermione has, though I didn't articulate them so well. It's so easy to come up with things you like and admire about a person, but so hard to quantify why you LOVE them. You either donor you don't. Can't wait to revisit the rest of the story!

Honey Thistle 2015.10.07 - 01:09PM18: RemembranceSigned
This was lovely, in every way. Added to my favorites. I shall be struggling to keep a particularly silly grin off my face all day, thank you very much....no really, thank you for writing this.

madie0808022015.07.26 - 11:53PM18: RemembranceSigned
You are a talented writer. Keep at it. I would like to believe that somewhere in J.K's character heaven. One sulky potions master is having a ball, or a smirk with and arch eyebrow, with all the fun stories of him. Thanks for sharing your huge imagination.

hayam2015.03.11 - 11:12AM14: InsightSigned
Thatīs a bit rich. If he is an animagus why didnīt he transform the moment he was in danger and alone? Running along with Bob to Hogwarts? The story is spoiled now, pity.

Jensteed2014.10.12 - 05:42PM11: Panic and PainSigned
As soon as I read "Obliviate", I burst out (in front of my family) "God fucking dammit!!" luckily they're well used to my random outbursts while I'm reading, haha. Bloody Obliviates, but I loved your route with it. The end of the chapter was soooo incredibly hot!! I love possessive Snape, when he says "Mine" it turns my stomach into knots but him holding her like that....I think my insides turned to mush. Merlin's Balls it was just perfect ;)

Phyllidia2014.04.03 - 11:31PM2: LostSigned
Dour potions professor followed by unicorns like little ducklings. PLEASE tell me someone has done some fan art of that!

Phyllidia2014.04.03 - 11:12PM1: The First StepSigned
Nice start. I've read some of your other stuff so it will be interesting to read "the first one".

holyflyingpig2013.12.09 - 09:55AM5: Cavalry of OneSigned
I really am enjoying this and impressed at your first attempt at writing fan fiction. My only qualm is Harry telling off Ron with 'Ron Weasley!'. I like that you are developing them differently, however all I could see was Harry turning into Molly, and Ginny.

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