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Reviews for Killing Time

zaubernuss2017.09.22 - 05:06AM5: FiveSigned
I really loved the analogy with the dog and the trouser leg :) You're doing an excellent job keeping Severus in character!

Savvicus2017.05.08 - 07:54AM11: ElevenSigned
This was delightful! The internal monologue had me in stitches. I love post war Severus, to wonder how he would handle his freedom and change. So many variations and many plausible and well written. This story is simply beautiful thank you for sharing it!

HankLover2016.01.26 - 12:40AM2: TwoSigned
This is great! I love how cranky he is...very much in character. And I loved the shower part and hik thinking she was imagining him naked. Especially the part where HE will now imagine HER naked every time he hears the water. Hehe :D

Sandalaris2016.01.07 - 04:02PM11: ElevenSigned
It's amazing how you showed Snape's view on Hogwarts. It was, in many ways, a prison for him. I often wondered if he ever had any real happiness. There was Lily and their friendship, but that was tainted with the bullying he received from Sirius and James, and was gone by the end of his 5th year. Then he was drawn into the Death Eaters, something I doubt was overly fun for any of them as it's first and foremost an army, not some club where people gathered with common interests for an enjoyable evening. Then he was a spy and protector. Perhaps he got some peace in those ten years between the Potters' death and Harry's first year, but even then I doubt it was how he would have chosen to fill his time. Spout isn't entirely accurate, there were other human male Professors, however most of them were give the Defense Against the Dark Arts position and therefore were gone quickly. Even Quirrel, who apparently was Muggle Studies or something before going on that year long break and meeting Voldemort, was very different than Snape. Anyway, loved the story. Very well done

Sandalaris2016.01.07 - 02:38PM9: NineSigned
Your Filch is amazing. I usually don't pay him much thought. Don't dislike him, but never really thought about him a ton either. Glad to see him fleshed out here.

Sandalaris2016.01.07 - 05:13AM6: SixSigned
Severus awkwardness at kissing (even the parts where he doesn't realize he's being awkward) are insanely in character for him. I love it. :)

Sandalaris2016.01.07 - 04:49AM5: FiveSigned
I can honestly say I hadn't expected the kiss. At least not yet. As for the house and Hogwarts and all those ideas, it never dawned on me that maybe the Hat was biased. The houses most certainly, but I didn't think about the Hat. I know Slytherin's aren't evil, their traits are cunning and ambitious and those are good traits, but it never dawned on me that maybe the Hat was putting them in a bad light. I remember reading a wonderful meta about how Salazar had built the Chamber of Secrets as a panic room to hide the students while the basilisk defended the school against invaders, and how his fear of Muggleborns was founded on the time period and how wizards and witches were being hunted down by Muggles at that time. And how over the years the tale got twisted until people started to think he hated them out of prejudice and the creature he put in it was designed to kill them out of bigoted hatred. I think it fits in well with this story

WickedMJ52016.01.06 - 07:43AM11: ElevenSigned
A wonderfully inspiring and heartfelt story. I very much commend your writing skills, the way you presented Snape and Granger is very much realistic and in-character. Also, I most especially appreciate the inward monologue of Snape😁 Although I could've wished more from this story, i suppose i gathered the entire prospect of Snape's decision. Still, I'd like to thank you for sharing this to us.

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