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Reviews for Killing Time

LeeSnape2018.05.18 - 05:25AM1: OneSigned
Wonderful, wonderful story! So much detail and it's so realistic. Adore virgin Snape, and Hermione. Thank you!

Derelict Author2018.05.12 - 01:35AM11: ElevenSigned
I'm not sure how I missed this! It's absolutely lovely. And I'm a touch fond of virginal Snape because it does seen more realistic to me than "sexy Death Eater" or "slept with a ton of sex workers." I will definitely be rereading this!

Llamaface2018.04.18 - 12:13PM11: ElevenSigned
Iíve just reread this story again and Infeel obliged to thank and congratulate you for this beautiful piece of writing. Severus feels true to character and the scope of his growing as a person seems natural and unforced.

veronica282018.02.19 - 01:41PM11: ElevenSigned
What a beautifully written, honest portrait of a post war Severus. Thank you for sharing this lovely story.

loreen772018.02.18 - 12:21PM11: ElevenSigned
Wonderful story. I really enjoyed the journey that Severus experiences. Great job.

loreen772018.02.08 - 11:13PM1: OneSigned
I know I read this years ago. But alas I failed to leave reviews. So I get to enjoy it all over again. But this time I will be sure to tell you how great your story is. Severusí POV is so well done. It is really a treat to read.

zaubernuss2017.09.22 - 05:06AM5: FiveSigned
I really loved the analogy with the dog and the trouser leg :) You're doing an excellent job keeping Severus in character!

Savvicus2017.05.08 - 07:54AM11: ElevenSigned
This was delightful! The internal monologue had me in stitches. I love post war Severus, to wonder how he would handle his freedom and change. So many variations and many plausible and well written. This story is simply beautiful thank you for sharing it!

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