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Reviews for Denial

fynnsmom2018.09.16 - 12:37PM34: Epilogue - I Think My Love As RareSigned
I just wanted to say that I really loved this story and wish there was more of it to read. Sorry I didn't leave reviews after each chapter but I got so caught up in reading and the romance. I hope Severus and Hermione live a long happy life blessed with many children.,

Andante8252018.03.05 - 01:45PM1: Decisions and RevisionsSigned
I finished Denial this morning, on the eighth anniversary of a pregnancy loss in the second trimester. I was anxious as soon as I realized what was happening to Hermione, but I thought you handled the whole thing well and compassionately. People do come out of the woodwork to share their own losses (as Hermione’s nurse did), and it really does help. From the very understanding way you wrote this, I assume you know how it is, either firsthand or from someone close to you. Thank you for writing it well. I loved the beginning especially and thought the marriage(s) falling apart (with a few successes) were realistically described. The burning rings were a great touch. Lance and Moe were great OCs, too :) Thank you for writing, and I hope your original work continues to progress and bring you joy.

Pixie Dust2017.09.25 - 12:59AM34: Epilogue - I Think My Love As RareSigned
This story is always worth reading again. The progression of it is perfect. I hate when hg/ss fall in love I'm 2 chapters. I would love to read more of your work, fanfiction or original.

kudlatek2017.04.15 - 08:09AM34: Epilogue - I Think My Love As RareSigned
Great fic! Thank you for the great reading! It was an interesting idea and so I spent very little time consuming the story ;)

Onelastbreath 2016.11.23 - 12:33PM1: Decisions and RevisionsSigned
This is beyond beautiful. What a touching story and, thankfully, a very happy ending. With the holidays approaching, this story is one to curl up with a nice mug of hot cocoa and read away!

Subversa2016.07.01 - 03:26AM2: Dying GenerationsSigned
And the stage is set. Already the tension is visible and the cauldron is approaching the boil. Lovely beginning to your MLC, dear one. ♥

tialangela2016.06.02 - 03:10PM34: Epilogue - I Think My Love As RareSigned
Thank you for re-submiting the story; it was one of the firsts I read, and I like it so much! Wonderful writing!

tilly2016.03.20 - 09:46AM34: Epilogue - I Think My Love As RareSigned
I was one of your original readers in 2008 and I've just reread again, and not for the first time since the repost! This is still one of my favourite sshg fics, even though I usually hate adultry fics. You handle the topic so sensitively and their falling in love so beautifully.

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