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Reviews for Of Debts and Debt Collection

Josette2019.03.03 - 04:12PM41: Epilogue: The Accumulation of Small ActsSigned
I enjoyed this very much, thanks for writing this!

Ive2019.02.06 - 09:56PM41: Epilogue: The Accumulation of Small ActsSigned
Truly a delight. I love the anticipation you built and the playful nature of the relationship.

Ive2019.02.06 - 08:18PM33: Close Your EyesSigned
Very classy. Love the fade to black.

Ive2019.02.06 - 07:57PM32: Just the EndSigned
*sigh* so beautiful

Ive2019.02.06 - 05:38PM31: Gathering ForcesSigned
The anticipation is delicious! Keep it up!

User21872018.05.18 - 07:37PM11: Tell Me the TruthSigned
Poor Severus. It was cruel of everyone to take advantage of him, especially Hermione. It did make a wonderfully tense chapter though. Well written.

zaubernuss2017.09.23 - 07:10PM11: Tell Me the TruthSigned
I totally agree with Duj. What Hermione did bordered on rape. That's what it is: forced intimacy, a baring of body and soul, taking by force what a person doesn't want to give, taking advantage of the fact that he/she is helpless and incapable of defending himself.

SomnusV2016.10.14 - 05:09AM1: The Sun Also DiesSigned
brilliant! it's a kind of enjoyment for me to read your words. May i ask you do me a great favour? lots of friends heard your story but their English reading abilities apparently not good enough to appreciate the whole story, so i just would like to translate this story into Chinese, is that ok? i swear it's not for fame, money or others, just want to translate this story into Chinese make more people understand and appreciate. i will provide the source of the article.

Author's Response: Thank you for the note. It's been 11 years or so since I wrote Debts. I'm glad to see it's still being enjoyed. Feel free to translate. I believe it's already out there in Polish at least so another language is welcome. :)

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