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Reviews for Of Debts and Debt Collection

User21872018.05.18 - 07:37PM11: Tell Me the TruthSigned
Poor Severus. It was cruel of everyone to take advantage of him, especially Hermione. It did make a wonderfully tense chapter though. Well written.

zaubernuss2017.09.23 - 07:10PM11: Tell Me the TruthSigned
I totally agree with Duj. What Hermione did bordered on rape. That's what it is: forced intimacy, a baring of body and soul, taking by force what a person doesn't want to give, taking advantage of the fact that he/she is helpless and incapable of defending himself.

SomnusV2016.10.14 - 05:09AM1: The Sun Also DiesSigned
brilliant! it's a kind of enjoyment for me to read your words. May i ask you do me a great favour? lots of friends heard your story but their English reading abilities apparently not good enough to appreciate the whole story, so i just would like to translate this story into Chinese, is that ok? i swear it's not for fame, money or others, just want to translate this story into Chinese make more people understand and appreciate. i will provide the source of the article.

Author's Response: Thank you for the note. It's been 11 years or so since I wrote Debts. I'm glad to see it's still being enjoyed. Feel free to translate. I believe it's already out there in Polish at least so another language is welcome. :)

Pixie Dust2016.09.15 - 02:02AM41: Epilogue: The Accumulation of Small ActsSigned
I just reread this, and it is amazing! I love how several characters were important to the final battle. You should continue writing. You are awesome!

marisamarinee2015.12.31 - 01:32AM4: Sins of the FatherSigned
I'm back for more. Had to reread the story!!

breastlady2015.05.25 - 10:40PM38: On the Eve of WarSigned
There must be enough of the Felixis potion for Severus to have some too, since next to Harry he is the one in the most danger of attack. Why haven't they decided to give some to Severus? Will Hermione be watching Harry's back or Severus'? If it was me, I'm bad. I'd figure everyone would be helping Harry so I would be helping Severus. And, I'd put some of that potion in his morning tea.

breastlady2015.05.25 - 09:19PM37: Of Debts and Promises KeptSigned
Thank you for a lovely happy chapter before we get to the battle. I've never enjoyed authors that never provided an island of rest in the midst of horror. That's why I hate reading people like Terry Brooks, for example.

breastlady2015.05.25 - 02:58AM35: DarknessSigned
This is the best chapter in this story to date. Well thought out. Perfect. It isn't that I was enjoying Lucius' suffering; I was enjoying Severus' Syltherin skills in the best possible way as he turned Lucius' mind in his favor thus creating the mad man into a tool against Voldi. He indeed is running both sides of this war. I am so glad he is on our side. You have shown that he is a true Master at his craft as a spy. I am impressed. As Ron would say, "Brilliant! Scary, but brilliant!" These are things I don't think Hermione is ready to know the details about this amazing man.

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