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Reviews for At the Beach

NyxDeLaLuna2018.06.11 - 06:50AM13: EpilogueSigned
This is such an original and well written story. Thank you so much for sharing it.

AlanForever2017.09.01 - 06:14PM13: EpilogueSigned
This story gave me happy tears.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it - thank you for reading and reviewing!

Andante8252017.01.29 - 11:15AM13: EpilogueSigned
A lovely story from beginning to end. I admired Hermione's problem-solving (a glamour! Of course!), George's supportive attitude and all of the children as characters. Beautifully written and a nice non-conventional way for HG/SS to meet and fall in love. I really liked reading Snape as a mentally healthy person, and the tattoo/bracelet was original and inspired. I also recognized the Home Fries Nazi reference and was amused :)

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing and most of all for liking all the bits and pieces! Couldn't help to put the reference in, btw. Still have that story somewhere and am reading it every now and again...

FreeWinky2016.07.26 - 06:12AM13: EpilogueSigned
This is a very different story. It was hard for me to accept that the Weasleys would be such uncaring people, with Ron being my favourite character from the series. I really liked the way you wrote it though. Quite convincing.

Author's Response: Sorry for the late response - I should come here more often... Anyway, thank you for reading and reviewing - I am very glad you liked the story! And I admit that I do like Ron, too, usually. Only for this story, I had to make him a little nasty. Sorry for that.

hayam2016.07.07 - 05:37AM13: EpilogueSigned
Liked it. There are a few things concerning the spanish words you used: Ola=wave, Hola=Hello Chino=chinese/chinese male Gino=italian male name

Author's Response: Hi, there, and thanks for the review. Will change Hola/Ola, but the name - I knew a guy with that name so I will leave it as is ;-) Glad you liked the story!

Author's Response: And I just checked - I did write Hole and I want it to be Hello. So I do not get what you mean? Could you elaborate?

lena19872016.03.08 - 04:43PM13: EpilogueSigned
I have read this story over and over again. It is beautiful. One that I will always return to. I am in awe of your talent - thank you for creating this little pocket of peace that is there for me to retreat into.

Author's Response: Hi, there, and thank you so much for not only reading, but re-reading one of my stories. I must admit, I am fond of this one (well, I am fond of all my stories, but of this one in particular). I wrote it for a friend and writing it made me happy. I wish I still wrote fanfic - it is so wonderful to get reviews as opposed to not get them for your original stories ;-) So thanks again and *hugs*!

Mistress2LAST2016.01.25 - 01:38PM1: The WinegrowerSigned
I loved your At The Beach story. Having a different view on both Hermione (Tessa) and Severus (Carlos), really was wonderful. Something different than the usually in Hogwarts and war times. The story was very pleasant to read. Thank You for putting it on here.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and liking and reviewing - notsosaintly was the original recipient and it was her who asked for sth different. So you'd have to thank her for the idea :-)

TatiCaris2015.12.01 - 02:33PM13: EpilogueSigned
wonderful story. I started reading today and not be able to stop until finished. I got very emotional. I cut my heart the fact that Hermione have to leave the newborn daughter. Melim, thrilling finale. not notice my English, I am Brazilian and not mastered very well English.

Author's Response: Sorry for my late response and thank you very much for your review. I wrote this story years ago and it feels great to still get comments! And well, I am German so do not worry about your English ;-)

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