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Reviews for Turn of the Tide

fynnsmom2018.06.05 - 09:14AM14: Turning TidesSigned
Brilliant story. Thank you so much.

kudlatek2017.09.16 - 11:31AM14: Turning TidesSigned
Lovely story! Thank you for the great reading!

marisamarinee2015.02.05 - 11:58AM14: Turning TidesSigned
Sweet. Enjoyed that.

marisamarinee2015.02.03 - 08:14PM3: Discovering IntentionsSigned
lol he's like a petulant child that doesn't want to share a toy

marisamarinee2015.02.03 - 06:45PM1: Turn of the TideSigned
Love me an assertive!Snape. *swoon*

Jensteed2014.10.30 - 04:56PM4: Uncovering SecretsSigned
Haha poor Ron, that was just gas!! And Severus seems quite proud of his mark ;)

Jensteed2014.10.30 - 04:47PM3: Discovering IntentionsSigned
Fizzabella's comment below had me in stitches XD I was just about to write Severus Snape and sharing don't exactly go together. The poor man seems doomed before he's even begun, all he wants to do is finally get the woman who saved his life and now everyone has decided it's time to trot Hermione out before the masses, lmao.

Ljpjcg2012.05.23 - 07:11AM3: Discovering IntentionsSigned
Hilarious how everyone wants a piece of Hermione! I love the cute way you made Minerva whine.

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