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Penname:Leraiv Snape [Contact]
Member Since:2005.12.14
Website:Leraiv Snape
Stories Posted:9
Reviews Posted:695
A Favorite Author of:415 members
Favorite Stories:20
Favorite Authors:5
I am once again back in the home country after two years and three fantastic months abroad in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia and New Delhi, India. For anyone with a travel bug, I strongly recommend both locations.

Hopefully, this will mean regular time with my computer and my muse. Hopefully.

December 24th, 2008: Forbidden Fruit has been updated. I have not changed the plot, the ending point, or any of the major story line, but I wanted to fix some character consistency errors and make it a bit more canon-compliant with book six.

WIP Update May 2012: Paradise Lost and A Gift of Time are both still under construction. Neither fic has been abandoned - although I am striving to finish Paradise Lost first and then turn my attention back to A Gift of Time.

Thanks for reading!

Stories by Leraiv Snape (9)Favorite Stories (20)Favorite Authors (5)

A Gift of Time by Leraiv Snape [Reviews - 813]
“Granger, Hermione.” None of the students heard the catch in Professor McGonagall's voice. And even if they had, they would have attributed it to dryness of her throat, not to sudden shock. Before them, in the space of breaths it took to say her name, Severus Snape, their colleague of thirty-one years had dissolved, leaving a blossoming adolescent of seventeen.

Genres: Drama, Angst, Romance
Warnings: HBP, Spoilers
Rating: Suggestive Chapters: 21
Published: 02/08/2006 Updated: 11/23/2008
Word Count: 147215 Completed: No

Beheading a Hydra by Leraiv Snape [Reviews - 32]
Ten years after the final battle, Hermione hunts down the father of her son to complete some unfinished business.

Genres: Drama
Warnings: Character Death
Rating: Brazen Chapters: 1
Published: 08/23/2007 Updated: 08/30/2007
Word Count: 7229 Completed: Yes

Forbidden Fruit by Leraiv Snape [Reviews - 694]
Snape triggers an ancient magic that has lain dormant, binding him to Hermione Granger in the middle of the war and exposing them both to the manipulations of Lord Voldemort and Albus Dumbledore. Part one of a two-part story.

Genres: Drama, Angst, Romance
Warnings: Torture
Rating: Wanton Chapters: 21
Published: 01/27/2006 Updated: 07/04/2007
Word Count: 139306 Completed: Yes

I Will Remember You by Leraiv Snape [Reviews - 47]
Severus Snape makes an Unbreakable Vow that changes the course of his life and the war. But what does that have to do with Hermione Granger?

Alternate Universe
Genres: Romance, Alternate Universe
Warnings: Character Death
Rating: Brazen Chapters: 4
Published: 03/14/2010 Updated: 04/09/2010
Word Count: 31825 Completed: Yes

Invitations to Life by Leraiv Snape [Reviews - 35]
A Dirty Dozen December one-shot split into two chapters. Harry, Draco, Hermione and Snape finally decide to pursue what they want...

Genres: Fluff, Romance
Warnings: Slash
Rating: Wanton Chapters: 2
Published: 03/27/2007 Updated: 03/30/2007
Word Count: 11838 Completed: Yes

Paradise Lost by Leraiv Snape [Reviews - 365]
Having fulfilled Voldemort's bidding in order to protect her, Snape and Hermione must deal with the consequences of their actions, control their magic and find a way to end the war. Second part of the story started in Forbidden Fruit, now completely and irreversibly AU since DH.

Alternate Universe
Genres: Drama, Angst, Romance, Alternate Universe
Warnings: none
Rating: Wanton Chapters: 15
Published: 07/17/2007 Updated: 04/17/2012
Word Count: 130028 Completed: No

Stay by Leraiv Snape [Reviews - 15]
Snape asks Hermione to stay with him.

Ficlets & Drabbles
Genres: Romance
Warnings: none
Rating: Suggestive Chapters: 1
Published: 08/24/2013 Updated: 08/24/2013
Word Count: 1145 Completed: Yes

To Choose a World by Leraiv Snape [Reviews - 84]
A one-shot thought based on the Marriage Law Challenge and how Hermione would react if forced to marry a stranger.

Challenge fics > Marriage Law Challenges
Genres: Romance
Warnings: none
Rating: Suggestive Chapters: 1
Published: 11/17/2007 Updated: 11/19/2007
Word Count: 3501 Completed: Yes

Unrequited by Leraiv Snape [Reviews - 94]
At McGonagall's funeral, Ron reflects on his wife, Hermione, knowing that he was always her second-best choice.

Genres: Drama
Warnings: none
Rating: Suggestive Chapters: 3
Published: 05/02/2008 Updated: 05/17/2008
Word Count: 14327 Completed: Yes

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