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Ficlets & Drabbles

Breakfast by dragoon811 [Reviews - 5]
Hermione can't cook.

Ficlets & Drabbles
Genres: Fluff, Romance
Warnings: none
Rating: Suggestive Chapters: 1
Published: 2018.07.30 Updated: 2018.07.31
Word Count: 851 Completed: Yes

Mishap by MintIceTea [Reviews - 3]
Double drabble - Hermione may be a perfectionist, but that doesn’t mean mistakes never happen.

Ficlets & Drabbles
Genres: Humor
Warnings: none
Rating: Conservative Chapters: 1
Published: 2017.09.11 Updated: 2017.09.12
Word Count: 221 Completed: Yes

Build Me Up From Bones by polynesiansaucy [Reviews - 8]
Hermione gets a little help recovering from a terrible curse.

Ficlets & Drabbles
Genres: Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: none
Rating: Conservative Chapters: 1
Published: 2017.01.22 Updated: 2017.01.24
Word Count: 788 Completed: Yes

She Always Comes by alistair13 [Reviews - 11]
A stream of conscious narration in which an irredeemable Snape, *Professor Snape* ravages a young Hermione in the dungeons.

Ficlets & Drabbles
Genres: Plot? What Plot?
Warnings: Abuse, Non-consensual Sex
Rating: Lascivious Chapters: 1
Published: 2016.04.11 Updated: 2016.04.11
Word Count: 428 Completed: Yes

100 Words by KairouWatoshimi [Reviews - 2]
A collection of unrelated drabbles centering around Severus Snape and Hermione Granger told in 100 words. No more, no less.

Ficlets & Drabbles
Genres: General
Warnings: Character Death, Violence
Rating: Lascivious Chapters: 1
Published: 2015.12.15 Updated: 2015.12.15
Word Count: 117 Completed: No

The Valentine's Gift by Gersknightlady [Reviews - 4]
The title says it all.

Ficlets & Drabbles
Genres: Romance
Warnings: none
Rating: Suggestive Chapters: 1
Published: 2014.09.14 Updated: 2014.09.17
Word Count: 172 Completed: Yes

A Night in Berlin by bubbles28 [Reviews - 22]
Severus Snape was saved from death during the battle at Hogwarts by an unknown person, though he has his guesses as to who it might have been. He awoke alone, relatively healed, and fled the country, deciding to travel across the Continent under one of his false identities. One night in Berlin, he impulsively visits a bar, and comes across someone he didn't expect to see.

Ficlets & Drabbles
Genres: General, Friendship, Alternate Universe
Warnings: Character Death, Implied Character Death
Rating: Conservative Chapters: 3
Published: 2014.08.11 Updated: 2014.09.10
Word Count: 5956 Completed: Yes

No Answer by Vashtanerada [Reviews - 4]
A short little ficlet that wouldn't get out of my head. Severus watches Hermione in Diagon Alley.

Ficlets & Drabbles
Genres: General, Angst
Warnings: none
Rating: Conservative Chapters: 1
Published: 2014.08.23 Updated: 2014.08.27
Word Count: 727 Completed: Yes

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