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Reviews for She Always Comes

thornbirch2017.12.21 - 02:17PM1: She Always ComesSigned
I mean, this is fucking horrible, but I don't understand why people are accusing you of pedophilia. Obviously Snape here is written as a terrible irredeemable monster; this is not a romance story or a smut fic. It's a look into the mind of a predator. It's well-written and oddly compelling.

snapehermione3942016.05.30 - 05:08PM1: She Always ComesSigned
This story isn't really my cup of tea either, however like the saying says each to their own. The imagination is a brilliant but scary thing some times. You are a good writer and I must compliment you on having the guts to post this story.

Author's Response: I have guts! Haha you guys are too kind.

elleaeterna2016.05.18 - 10:48AM1: She Always ComesSigned
I agree mostly with Jong_Kahn, this story isn't necessarily my cup of tea either, but I wouldn't go so far as to say its disgusting. I do think its IC for Snape in certain ways, but very OOC in others, but that's the beauty of fanfiction, isn't it? That neither necessarily has to be true. But you aren't a bad writer, from what I can tell based on this very short story. Perhaps you should try your hand at maybe a longer story, a one-shot, perhaps, if you aren't able to make a commitment to a multiple chapter novel. One that has maybe a few of the same themes but is dub-con rather than non-con.

Author's Response: Ooh, a challenge to write more. I'm incredibly flattered. Let's see if I'm up to it!

QueenMagic2016.04.25 - 02:36AM1: She Always ComesSigned
Yes, it was disgusting. But then, I think you meant to convey that sentiment in this story. I liked how you wrote the story, from Snape's POV and I think it was quite IC.Not the pedophilic part, hell no, but the part where his outward actions are opposite to what his thoughts are. Like he calls Hermione 'whore' and makes it seem like it's her desires that have led to these 'meetings', but deep inside, he knows it's his own fault. That is, he is the predator and she is the victim. Also, I admire that you had the guts to pen down this story and post it here!! Kudos!

Author's Response: I truly appreciate your review. Thank you!

loreen772016.04.19 - 12:53AM1: She Always ComesSigned
That was rough to read. Poor Hermione.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I think that's what's so cool about this site. Some scenes are more romantic than others, but we are all here because we ship these two so hard!

Jong_Kahn2016.04.16 - 01:43AM1: She Always ComesSigned
White this story isn't my cup of tea, I have to observe you DID post warnings. Your description read: "an irredeemable Snape, *Professor Snape* ravages a young Hermione in the dungeons." You then state in the WARNING section: "Abuse, Non-consensual Sex". I'm not going back to directly quote the story,since I just lost my first review that way. Suffice it to say when I checked, your tale says 'Severus had been grooming her for years'. So you are not starting at age eleven. We don't know how many years there were. But you were approved by the admin, which means it met the guideline of Hermione not being underage. There are many stories at this site which portray such a version of Snape: entirely petty, mean, vile, etc. For what it's worth, I find that reprehensible a Snape repellent. Not my favorite, but so what? This is a site of SEXUAL FANTASIES. Not everyone has the same kind. This is a site for (mostly) women to explore those feelings through writing and/or reading about them. Warnings should be read. About the only thing I could suggest for you, author, would be to start out your little story capsule at the beginning with an all-caps statement to capture the eye. Something like; "ATTENTION. THIS STORY CONTAINS GRAPHIC SCENES YOU MAY NOT LIKE. BE FOREWARNED!" Then write your description of "irredeemable Snape", etc. Along with Voltaire, may I state: "I may not agree with a word you say, but I will fight to the death your right to say it." Write what you need to write. If the admins approve it, just forewarn more strongly. Good luck! Here's a "10" even though I didn't care for your story. It took guts to write it. I don't think you're a pedophile, nor trying to train any.

Author's Response: Hey Jong_Kahn! I appreciate the advice! I've been reading here for years, so it was fun to put pen to paper for once, so to speak. Thanks again for your suggestion, and thank you for reading and reviewing!

deejay2016.04.14 - 11:17PM1: She Always ComesSigned
I really don't want to read what amounts to child molestation. It seems this was written for pedophiles.

Author's Response: I appreciate that you took the time to respond, deejay. Ashwinder is awesome!

MorningSunrise2016.04.14 - 05:17PM1: She Always ComesSigned
This is sick and disgusting

Author's Response: Some writing is beautiful, and some is not. Thank you for writing a review for this story! It's the first one I've posted here!

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