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The Valentine's Gift by Gersknightlady [Reviews - 4]

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Severus slowly opened the buttons of her white satin pajama top. His lips trailed over the soft skin of her neck and down between her soft, full breasts. He could feel her body arching against his; her fingers were buried in his hair. He drew back to look into her face as he trailed the petals of the soft long-stem red rose he’d brought down her body.

She sighed as the petals caressed the tips of her breasts, making them tight and hard. His other hand continued to open the buttons, and as his fingers brushed her navel, she whispered, “Happy Valentine's, Severus.”

He glanced at her navel. There was a delicate green snake tattoo curled around it. Silver strands wove a pattern down its back. It held a tiny red heart in its mouth.

“It’s beautiful, Hermione,” he said, bending and kissing the small button it framed.

Thank you, Janus, for your beta work.

Prompt #1 by HermioneDiggory: white satin, a rose, a snake tattoo

The Valentine's Gift by Gersknightlady [Reviews - 4]

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