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So This Is Love by Slytherin Head [Reviews - 4]
Dr. Granger's daughter is now married, and as he watches the happy couple dancing, he can't help but think how fast time has passed by. Song Fic.

Song fics
Genres: Fluff, Romance
Warnings: none
Rating: Conservative Chapters: 1
Published: 2013.12.14 Updated: 2013.12.14
Word Count: 1121 Completed: No

Soft Touches by Ladymage Samiko [Reviews - 7]
For Hermione and Severus, the first night is both so very new and so very familiar…

Ficlets & Drabbles
Genres: Drama, Romance
Warnings: none
Rating: Wanton Chapters: 1
Published: 2010.10.15 Updated: 2010.10.15
Word Count: 306 Completed: Yes

Softly.... Gracefully by SylvaniaSnape [Reviews - 9]
Deep with the heart and mind of our beloved Potions Master

Genres: Fluff
Warnings: none
Rating: Conservative Chapters: 1
Published: 2005.07.12 Updated: 2005.07.15
Word Count: 183 Completed: Yes

Solitary by beckyGRL25 [Reviews - 16]
A follow-up to Emissary. Severus experiences a moment of personal crisis.

Ficlets & Drabbles
Genres: Drama, Friendship
Warnings: none
Rating: Conservative Chapters: 1
Published: 2012.03.18 Updated: 2012.03.19
Word Count: 2938 Completed: Yes

Solving the Unsolvable Puzzle by linlawless [Reviews - 13]
Severus helps Hermione cope with her frustrations when she discovers he possesses a talent she only wishes she had. Written for the August 2010 Challenge at the Potter Pr0n Prompts LiveJournal community.

Genres: Fluff, Plot? What Plot?, Alternate Universe
Warnings: none
Rating: Wanton Chapters: 1
Published: 2010.09.02 Updated: 2010.09.02
Word Count: 1127 Completed: Yes

Some Enchanted Evening by kittylefish [Reviews - 10]
Sometimes, disappointment leads to something even better. Way better.

Porn Without Plot
Genres: Menage a trois, Plot? What Plot?
Warnings: Slash
Rating: Lascivious Chapters: 1
Published: 2012.07.22 Updated: 2012.07.22
Word Count: 1175 Completed: Yes

Some Places Speak Distinctly, or Have Snape, Will Travel by Wonderful Child [Reviews - 89]
Exiled from the wizarding world, Hermione finds a travel companion and discovers that home can be found in the most unexpected of places. DH compatible, but AU for the epilogue. Written for duniazade in the Winter SS/HG Exchange.

Genres: Fluff, Action/Adventure, Romance
Warnings: DH, Spoilers
Rating: Wanton Chapters: 6
Published: 2008.03.02 Updated: 2008.12.06
Word Count: 18946 Completed: Yes

Some Scars Never Fade by WendyNat [Reviews - 197]
Sequel to Time Does Not Heal All Wounds - recommended that you read that first or much of this won't make a lot of sense. Severus and Hermione are swept up in an investigation surrounding a curse, murder, and blackmail - and a scar just might be the central clue.

Genres: Mystery/Suspense, Drama, Romance
Warnings: none
Rating: Lascivious Chapters: 22
Published: 2003.11.16 Updated: 2004.02.18
Word Count: 100059 Completed: Yes

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