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Reviews for Sol Luna Plena

loreen772017.04.19 - 10:56PM4: FourSigned
Extracurricular desktop activities make for a very sexy fantasy. Another great chapter, thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: Hi loreen77, as always thanks for the review. Next chapter will be from H POV.

londonlupin2017.04.15 - 08:21PM3: ThreeSigned
Really enjoying this - I always like to see Severus show his vulnerability to Hermione

Author's Response: Hi londonlupin, and thank you for reading, next bit is almost ready.

Jinxed2017.04.10 - 09:00PM3: ThreeSigned
"Fantasy fulfilled, Hermione?" No, definitely not - she needs more (and so do the readers!) Thank you for sharing and hooray for finding good things 'down the back of the sofa'. I don't have that kind of luck ...

Author's Response: Hi Jinxed, I sense a bit of an agenda in your review☺ there will be more. Probably another three periods of research.

DawnEB2017.04.10 - 04:41AM3: ThreeSigned
This was an interesting tale, and it would make a good place to end this and leave the rest to our own imaginations. However, I'm greedy for good, interesting, tales, and I'd like to find out a little more about their *ahem* research ;D

Author's Response: Hi DawnEB, I think that there might well be some more research findings to publish.

londonlupin2017.04.07 - 03:26AM3: ThreeSigned
Love the story. Always nice to have Snape live and have a chance at happiness. Like your preview for chapter 4 very much.

Author's Response: Hi, londonlupin, thanks for the review, chapter four is underway. Maybe another two after that.

loreen772017.04.06 - 06:39AM3: ThreeSigned
This story has been a lot of fun to read. I would love to see more and truly hope you continue with the additional chapters you mentioned. I think in the interest of scientific research, it's very important for there to be a detail documentation of their vigorous and rigorous research together.

Author's Response: Hi Loreen 77, I guess I will do my best then to provide such documentation. I don't think there will be many more chapters, last time I checked the corner of my mind they were sulking in there were three of them ish.

emcnary2017.04.05 - 02:43PM3: ThreeSigned
Yes! More, please:). I would love to see more. I laughed out loud at "tartan terror" btw!

Author's Response: Hi emcnary, thanks for the second review. Usually I don't post unless a work is completed but I think this might be the first time I do. I am having fun with it.😁

Slytherin_Me2017.04.05 - 02:21PM3: ThreeSigned
Yes, more please!!! I would LOVE for you to continue this amazing story!! I am absolutely in love with it!! You are incredibly talented and I am so very glad to have found your work!! Please do continue...I would be thrilled beyond words to read more!! :)

Author's Response: Wow, what a review. I guess I will just have to continue it then! Updates might not be as regular as a lot is just in my head. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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