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Reviews for The World All Out Of Joint

MlleGigi2016.08.08 - 12:04AM4: FourSigned
This story is adorable and delightful. "If this hall is not vacated by every living soul within the next ten seconds, I will deduct a truly insane amount of house points… with wanton and indiscriminate abandon… I am counting." I absolutely LOVE this line, and I can very easily imagine Severus saying it -- what a wonderful command of the English language JKR gave him!

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the review

krishnakp2012.11.28 - 01:44AM4: FourSigned
Amazing story. The pace is fantastic. Think of a sequel..Rose is a such a sweet chracter..

Author's Response: Hi Krishnakp, thank you very much for saying so. It is always a delight to get a review for the first piece I posted here. As for a sequel , hmm that is an intriguing thought.

asprickman2012.11.27 - 12:10PM4: FourSigned
Have I not reviewed this yet? It's long been a favourite and I'm delighted to be re-reading it yet again. Funny, sweet, moving, just beautiful; I just love this well written, beautifully composed and well thought out story. Would love more, I have a feeling the twins are likely to be fascinating children!

Author's Response: Oh, now a sequel, hmm now that is an interesting thought...thanks once more for all your reviews. I have been away from the keyboard for while due to real life stuff but hope to be adding some more stuff in the near future. Many, many thanks, shuldham.

Buggy2012.07.30 - 11:21PM4: FourSigned
That was beautiful and incredibly moving and just completely stunning.

Author's Response: Thank you for saying so.

Majenta2012.03.16 - 06:26AM4: FourSigned
Such a lovely story, it's now added to my favourites so I can read it again and again. Thank you, Jen x

Author's Response: Hi Jen, I love it when this story (the first I ever posted here) gets a review. I hope that if you read any of my others they too please. Thanks x

whiteaster2012.01.22 - 02:16AM4: FourSigned
Well, that was just wonderful! I read "Fruit of a Bitter Harvest" right before this one, and the quality of your writing has led me to wander through your other tales. Thank you for sharing your talents!

Author's Response: Hi whiteaster, thank you for taking the time to stop by and review and thank you for reading and the compliment.

deedeebug952012.01.10 - 05:53PM4: FourSigned
I love this story!! I wanted it to be longer (because I did not want the story to be over so soon!) , but the pace was wonderful, the characters right on target!! Also laugh out loud funny!! Sweet and tender! Really hard to do all you did in such a short piece. Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you very much

orlando Switch2011.12.29 - 08:03PM3: ThreeSigned
I have read this before but for some reason I had not reviewed it and after reading it again because of the recommendation I still was as blown away as after the first read. I think what strikes me most in this chapter is the intuitive logic of Rose, that lets her understand he is afraid and propels her immediately in taking inspired Griffyndor action. It's so clear that she is used to be loved and can easily give her love to others. The tender care Severus shows her is also heartwarming.

Author's Response: Hi I really must get around to thanking one-bad-man for the rec. Rose sort of hijacked the story when I wrote it and evolved to where you see her. Spot on with the character assessment by the way.

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