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Reviews for Where Your Loyalties Lie

Brooklynhills972018.02.22 - 03:09PM2: Where Your Loyalties LieSigned
Severus is sneaky and dark!!

Pubella2016.12.18 - 11:37PM1: Where Your Loyalties LieSigned
Abso-bloody-lutely wicked! Enjoyed it immensely!

loreen772013.06.22 - 10:50PM2: Where Your Loyalties LieSigned
Loved the second chapter,very intetesting plot.

loreen772013.06.22 - 10:42PM1: Where Your Loyalties LieSigned
Interesting chapter with a unique evil snape perspective. I liked it

WickedMJ52012.09.10 - 03:53AM2: Where Your Loyalties LieSigned
I very much like this read. I've enjoyed it immensely so. I definitely appreciate how you've managed to craft a Dark-Severus and make it quite believable. From the execution of the plot lines, the unexpected twist appertaining Hermione's cunningness and Severus' make believe self of being the master manipulator - which he still is. But Hermione just had the good sense of letting it slide due to her being in love with him. I must really commend you for this magnificent masterpiece. I suppose the delay for your "The Plight-Trothed Bride" would make this a better excuse. I mean, both of the aforementioned stories deserves a thumbs up. d(^-^)b And here, I can see that you have been rather busy. xD

WickedMJ52012.09.10 - 03:13AM1: Where Your Loyalties LieSigned
I have just finished reading the first chapter - and thus far, I'd say that it is well worth the read. I truly enjoyed the schematic play of which Snape's loyalties have been dubiously placed. The unraveling of the plot to an unfold. The unexpected turn of events - you still managed to make it quite believable. I mean, others tend to simply make the turnabout even it is unnecessary. But with your writing, it is completely believable. I like how you managed such a feat. Moreover, I deeply feel for the PotionsMaster still despite such of his wickedness. How he thought to justify his thoughts of when Dumbledore had fell ( or so how everyone else was led to believe ). Amazing...! :P

Lucretia1232012.04.12 - 02:11PM1: Where Your Loyalties LieSigned
Love it! Is there a sequel to this?

Half_Blood_Princess_Farah2012.03.11 - 12:59PM2: Where Your Loyalties LieSigned
i wonder if it felt weird to write about an evil Severus. I could never imagine him to be loyal to the Dark Lord, but you really made it believable. I don't usually read Dark Severus fictions, but this one was exceptionnal. It was fun to read, thank you for writing it!

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