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Beyond the First Doors by Ladymage Samiko [Reviews - 6]

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(NB - These are elsewhere posted as separate chapters and are collated in this form due to Ashwinder's chapter length policy.)

Beyond Miss Granger's Door

“Irrepressible,” Snape muttered.

“Who is?” Hermione looked up.

“Lucius. He’s sent you a missive.”

She appeared amused. “Opening my mail now, hm?”

“When it comes from him, I am.”

“Naturally. What’s he want?”

“Prurient sexual favours. Regularly.”

“Should I be flattered or alarmed?”

Severus shrugged. “Stripped down, he thinks you’ve nice tits, are a frustrated virgin and will therefore enthusiastically agree to all his kinks, and be cheaper and more discreet than Knockturn courtesans.”


He grinned sharply. “Nothing we haven’t already tried.”

“Ah. Shall we open negotiations, then? I think we should be much more expensive than courtesans.”


Beyond the Kitchen Door

Hermione glanced through her letter. “Rather soon, isn’t it?” she remarked.

“Following Narcissa’s death, you mean?” Severus began neatly slicing carrots. “Contrary to popular belief, Lucius is surprisingly monogamous—“

“He is the sort one would expect to insist on his droit de seigneur,” Hermione interjected, smiling.

“—so I imagine he’s asking you as someone who can take care of his physical ‘needs,’ leaving his emotions untouched until he considers remarrying.”

She swept the carrots into the pot. “Being a lowly Muggle-born, you mean? Hmm. At least he’s polite; it’s quite a nice note, really.”

“Which deserves an enthusiastic response.”


AN: The droit de seigneur is the (probably apocryphal) right of a lord to take the (possibly apocryphal) virginity of his serfs' brides on the wedding night.

Btb, I do feel a little sorry for Narcissa; in order to make these ménage fics work, we either have to kill her off or make her a complete shrew. Poor woman, missing out on all the fun…

Beyond Several Bedroom Doors

Lucius leaned back against her pillows wearing only a smug grin. He’d been quite correct: Granger was exceedingly willing. Not a virgin, surprisingly, but with her enthusiasm… Weasley’d likely been her first— and last.

Lucius gazed up at the ceiling, slightly stunned. He’d no idea how they’d ended up in the Manor’s Red Room; he’d never meant to go beyond installing her in the Dower House.

But Merlin’s Balls, she was good.

Exhausted, Lucius sprawled across his bed. Hermione and Severus gathered him close, exchanging smug smiles over his head.

Lucius’s heart wasn’t too much for their 'services,' now, was it?

AN: A Dower House is a smaller house on an estate that is meant for the widow of the previous lord while the heir and his wife take over the main house.

Beyond the First Doors by Ladymage Samiko [Reviews - 6]

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