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Reviews for Against the Wall

bingohandjob2013.05.29 - 07:43AM2: BravoSigned
Oh, I do love the way you play with the awful, intractable situations the characters struggle against - for at least as long as gives the reader some hope. That's so cruel! *grin*

bingohandjob2013.05.29 - 07:33AM1: FluffySigned
Having read (and ended up an undignified puddle of tears after reading) 'Traitor' and its follow-up 'Closure', I was surprised by the gentle nature of this story. Though it was a pleasing surprise. I'm off to click on part two. With the darker ending. Crumbs!

Ssibn2012.02.04 - 10:18PM1: FluffySigned
Nice stories!

SandyKinns2011.12.09 - 11:10PM2: BravoSigned
I love his apology. Both endings were excellent. Loved them.

loreen772010.10.20 - 09:58PM2: BravoSigned
I enjoyed both, but I prefer the second ending. Generally I love fluff, but this ending felt rushed and seemed to not flow as smoothly as the second ending. Nice twist in the second version, I was expecting him to stab her, but not to have LM be there. Healing her did show he is ever the necessary double agent. I think it would be interesting to read this from his prospective.

WnL6242010.08.30 - 08:43PM2: BravoSigned
Sexy and bittersweet, both endings were great, thank you.

Jong_Kahn2010.06.25 - 12:50AM2: BravoSigned
I like the passionate sex, so I'm favoriting this (besides, I just like you as a writer!). I do prefer the first ending, although I appreciate that he healed her in the second one. Good work--thank you!

thehangedwoman2008.02.23 - 11:21PM1: FluffySigned
Oh, lovely! That was deliciously hot and very well-written!

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