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Reviews for A Taste Of Silence

Phyllidia2014.03.24 - 02:52PM8: EpilogueSigned
Enjoyed the story. Thanks for sharing.

Phyllidia2014.03.24 - 02:37PM6: Heal The GirlSigned
Duh, she didn't need to bite her tongue off for that--we already knew it! ;)

Phyllidia2014.03.24 - 02:01PM2: ReactionsSigned
I sometimes wonder if the lack of reviews on this site has to do with having to go back to the top to review. Anyway, enjoying the story. Thanks for sharing!

Phyllidia2014.03.24 - 01:48PM1: PrologueSigned
A little squicky (which my spell checker believes should be 'Bisquick') but interesting!

Ceilidh022013.05.21 - 10:56PM4: Dark SpellSigned
I know it's a late review, but you do realize Zabini's a boy, right?

Gemagination2012.07.10 - 09:42PM1: PrologueSigned
Ha! So fucking rad. I love that she bit her tongue off, it's totally badass. I'd expect that from a Jason Bourne-type, not Hermione!! But it makes sense... love it.

Jong_Kahn2012.06.15 - 11:04AM3: Wandless MagicSigned
Excuse me: how could Hermione eat, without having a tongue? She'd choke! Think about it: without being able to push the food around in her mouth to get more properly chewed, she couldn't get the mass of food properly masticated. Plus, the tongue helps 'move it down the line' to be swallowed. At the very least, it would be incredibly messy! Not to mention the embarrassment of opening her mouth, literally facing everyone in the hall (many of them curiously trying to see her). I'm not trying to hurt or offend you here, merely observing I don't think you totally thought the reality of this--even in a fantasy world--through all the way. It's still a good story!

ickle_cat2012.05.12 - 05:48PM8: EpilogueSigned
oh this started so sad! i'm glad i read to the happy ending. nice job on not making this too fluff. only shame is that the reasoning behind such a violent reaction seemed a tiny bit too small. it would've been a bit more interesting to be like one of the women in eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, where the feelings kept coming up and she had to keep memory charming him. other than that, excellent story, great plot, good in-depth information about the situation (bit strange to include that charm about touching different parts of flesh - you could've done more with that or left it out entirely IMO) and well-written. you included what was neccecary for the story and didn't try and write in every breath and word.

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