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madcad2011.04.03 - 12:42AM1: Signed
*hyperventilating* You're still alive! Ye gods! *happy dance* I'm in love with your version of Snape. There are no words for it; I am simply in love with your Snape. The same goes for your Hermione. She's not annoying as most versions would have it; there's something so likable about her. Maybe because she's not coming off as your typical cheesy pop heroine. I don't know. I just want to rave and jump for joy and do a Neville wiggle. My favorite story is back on. :-)

taylor2011.03.30 - 08:45AM1: Anonymous
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Ana2011.03.30 - 08:44AM1: Anonymous
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adelgado2011.03.30 - 02:04AM1: Signed
Yay they are married. I hope their wedding night is uninterrupted.

NNNN2011.02.13 - 06:22PM1: Signed
Wooohooo, He's out of the portrait and they're together at last!!! Well done :D Now all we need is just a teeny tiny lemon, please?

karenmiller19722011.01.13 - 07:43AM1: Signed
A New Year and back I came to visit a new "old" friend. Love the story! Hope all is well.

nilaglar2010.10.15 - 08:36AM1: Signed
Oh, why did the story dissapear? I have not finished yet! ;(

vickic2010.10.10 - 12:34PM1: Signed
that was very funny, loved it

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