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Invitations to Life by Leraiv Snape (Wanton)
A Dirty Dozen December one-shot split into two chapters. Harry, Draco, Her...

On Greenstone Lake by Somigliana (Suggestive)
Unspeakable Granger goes on a field trip and discovers more than she'd barg...

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Albus Got Run Over by a Reindeer by WickedlyWanton (Lascivious)
What in the world happened on Christmas Eve?...

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It's that time of the year again. Hopefully it won't be like the last two years, where I've paid the webhosting bill and the next day the site goes down. *knock on wood*

Thanks to everyone's generousity, we raised raised a little over $150.00 with the pitchin widget, which with what we had left over from last year eeked us out to just at the bill for this year. When the domain fee comes due in another two weeks, I'll foot that.

Sycophant Hex has always been free to use, and it is because of your generous nature that we are able to continue to support a place where you can find the fan fiction you would like to read for free.

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Prompt collection at the sshg_promptfest has started.
Prompt collection at the sshg_promptfest is now open to members of the livejournal community!


Please visit their livejournal for all particulars. If you do decide to join, please remember to not post your story until after they have revealed the authors.

Thank you, Celis
Celisnebula on 2018.03.23 - 01:19AM (0 Comments)

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Recently Updated/Added
Tonight You're Mine Completely Part III by joannie (Lascivious)
Hermione is offered an apprenticeship with Professor Snape. Without taking ...

A Man's Heart by Cliche (Lascivious)
In his many years of servitude, Severus Snape has allowed many to die by h...

Time Immemorial by FawkesyLady (Brazen)
Hermione loses it after the Battle of Hogwarts. Unfortunately, she still ha...

Unexpected, Or How You Made Me Forget Her by danilion125 (Wanton)
Crabbe Sr. attacks Hermione, desperate for revenge over the death of his so...

Quartet by Oracle Obscured (Lascivious)
An accidental audience. An unforgettable performance. An encore of epic pro...

Bewitch, Ensnare by Kittenwolf17 (Lascivious)
After the war, Hermione and Severus share a drunken one night stand. Horrif...

Darkness and Silence by Kittenwolf17 (Lascivious)
Caught in the Potions classroom when Snape returns from a dangerous Death E...

Nineteen Years Later by Cliche (Suggestive)
When Crispin and Attina Snape arrive home from school with a new assignment...

Hermione Granger and the Taciturn Shopkeeper by PlaidPooka (Lascivious)
Now complete. A hurried journey through the rain, a hastily turned corner, ...

Getting the Best of the Gloomilows by zaubernuss (Brazen)
Sequel to 'A Kiss for the Netherfairies' After their life-changing encount...

The Other Side Of Now by dionde (Suggestive)
Hermione is plagued by love letters. Unfortunately, they're not for her. Ev...

Breakfast by dragoon811 (Suggestive)
Hermione can't cook. ...

Sweeping Changes by BettyK (Brazen)
The time window before the enforcement of the Bringing Rejuvenation out of ...

Time Will Follow by bccaw (Brazen)
Hermione has landed a job with the Ministry and life is good in a post-Vold...

One Hell of a Dream by Roma (Lascivious)
A ridiculous law forces them to marry yet Severus and Hermione’s wedding ni...

A Week (and Then Some) by Mrs W (Wanton)
Hermione Granger enters a bar on a Wednesday evening, dead set to drink her...

A Lesson in Propriety by Laralee (Suggestive)
You're never too old for an awkward first kiss. A six-part drabble seri...

Merlin's Gift by Emerald_Sparrow (Lascivious)
“It’s customary to show appreciation when you are given a gift, Granger. Su...

La Masquerade Infernale by Emerald_Sparrow (Lascivious)
Severus Snape reluctantly attends a masquerade ball, and lays eyes on a mys...

Repentance by Evelyn_ (Lascivious)
Victory is fleeting as grief begins to take hold of the magical community. ...

Silhouette by Laralee (Brazen)
Severus Snape has been granted release from St. Mungo's following a lengthy...

Broken Wings by Emerald_Sparrow (Lascivious)
Defense Against the Dark Arts professor Hermione Granger is the victim of a...

Catspaws by Doomspark (Suggestive)
Chaos ensues when the Familiars at Hogwarts begin playing matchmaker. This ...

How The Hogwarts Library Got Its Own Back or L-Space Interrupted by dionde (Conservative)
It's no secret that magical libraries can be strange, even dangerous places...

Unforced Error by MissWhich (Lascivious)
Hermione finds herself in a very unusual prison with an unexpected cellmate...

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