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Felicity's Children by Deathofme (Wanton)
The six stages of addiction and withdrawal. The private journals of Hermion...

Thanks to Crookshanks by dragoon811 (Conservative)
So before I walk down this aisle on my daddy's arm, I wanted to say thank y...

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How the Snape Stole Christmas by Hawklaw (Conservative)
Parody of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"...

Happy Christmas by Ms_Figg (Suggestive)
Snape and Hermione are diverted from collecting a Christmas Flower, and giv...

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Welcome back to Ashwinder!

Prompt collection at the sshg_promptfest has started.
Prompt collection at the sshg_promptfest is now open to members of the livejournal community!


Please visit their livejournal for all particulars. If you do decide to join, please remember to not post your story until after they have revealed the authors.

Thank you, Celis
Celisnebula on 2018.03.23 - 01:19AM (0 Comments)

Larilee donations
Thank you everyone whom generously made a donation in Larilee's name! There are a couple of very worthy organizations that we will be sending money to on her behalf once David has approved them. Right now the ones on the docket are: The "It Gets Better Project,"
the "True Colors Fund,"
the "D.E.L.T.A. Rescue,"
and the "American Lung Association."

Celisnebula on 2018.02.04 - 10:52PM (0 Comments)

For Larilee
Larilee passed away very unexpectedly last month. Many have asked if we could do a donation in her name. I've created a widget for that purpose to run until Jan 1, 2018. At that time, we will split up the funds between a couple of the organizations that she supported, one being the Asthma foundation as well as other's that her brother David believes she would be behind.

Direct link: http://pitchinbox.com/redirect.php?id=6253172086

Thank you! Celis
Celisnebula on 2017.09.09 - 12:18AM (0 Comments)

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Quartet by Oracle Obscured (Lascivious)
An accidental audience. An unforgettable performance. An encore of epic pro...

Getting the Best of the Gloomilows by zaubernuss (Brazen)
Sequel to 'A Kiss for the Netherfairies' After their life-changing encount...

Merlin's Gift by Emerald_Sparrow (Lascivious)
Its customary to show appreciation when you are given a gift, Granger. Su...

La Masquerade Infernale by Emerald_Sparrow (Lascivious)
Severus Snape reluctantly attends a masquerade ball, and lays eyes on a mys...

Repentance by Evelyn_ (Lascivious)
Victory is fleeting as grief begins to take hold of the magical community. ...

Silhouette by Laralee (Brazen)
Severus Snape has been granted release from St. Mungo's following a lengthy...

Time Will Follow by bccaw (Brazen)
Hermione has landed a job with the Ministry and life is good in a post-Vold...

Broken Wings by Emerald_Sparrow (Lascivious)
Defense Against the Dark Arts professor Hermione Granger is the victim of a...

Catspaws by Doomspark (Suggestive)
Chaos ensues when the Familiars at Hogwarts begin playing matchmaker. This ...

How The Hogwarts Library Got Its Own Back or L-Space Interrupted by dionde (Conservative)
It's no secret that magical libraries can be strange, even dangerous places...

Unforced Error by MissWhich (Lascivious)
Hermione finds herself in a very unusual prison with an unexpected cellmate...

A Choice of Roads by Imhilien (Brazen)
A curious Hermione finds a way to see future visions of life with Harry or ...

As Plain as the Nose on Your Face by Corylea (Suggestive)
Hermione realizes that she's fallen in love with Snape when she finds herse...

Password Reset by Emerald_Sparrow (Lascivious)
Draco was given the password to the Headmaster's Office to visit his godfat...

The Dualities of Desire and Fear by Emerald_Sparrow (Lascivious)
You know you're screwed when the Mirror of Erised and a boggart show you th...

Dismantle the Sun by indieheart (Suggestive)
Dystopian, AU - A tale of loss, redemption, courage under fire, and unexpec...

Halloween at Hogwarts by AlwaysSS (Suggestive)
Hermione finds herself back at Hogwarts, this time as a professor. The only...

A War Hero's Holiday Plot by Emerald_Sparrow (Lascivious)
It's the seventh annual Christmas Party for the heroes of the Second Wizard...

Sense and Insensibility by Desert_Sea (Lascivious)
Hermione is afflicted by a curse. Her hyper-attuned senses mean that the en...

In Sickness and in Health by lilseveruslover1975 (Suggestive)
After being hit with an unknown curse, Hermione's health and future are ver...

A Gifting of Book Wyrms by Ladymage Samiko (Conservative)
Hermione, escaping an overabundance of Christmas, discovers Severus Snape i...

Vomica Domintor by AlwaysSS (Wanton)
Snape has been trying his best to drive her to madness all term, but when H...

A Fine Life by SlytherPouf (Wanton)
Twenty years after the War, Hermione is Minister for Magic, Snape is Headma...

Sworn to Secrecy by pinkfoxes (Conservative)
Hermione Granger is also Sienna Golding. (Only Snape and Tonks know her rea...

A Kiss for the Netherfairies by zaubernuss (Suggestive)
Post-war Hogwarts. One evening, 7th year student Hermione Granger seeks out...

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