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Prone to Injuries by kippy (Wanton)
After a disastrous first sexual encounter, Severus and Hermione are ready f...

Futur Absurdis by lunziek (Brazen)
As the room faded to black, he heard the tinkle of broken glass, and a voic...

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Recently Updated/Added
And They Didn't Live Happily Ever After by Betz (Lascivious)
Answer to the WIKTT "I'm Just a Gigolo" challenge. Harry asks Hermione a fa...

By Moonlight by dionde (Suggestive)
Severus is waiting. Eagerly, at first; later on, impatience is replaced wit...

When All is Lost One is Found by OnionCookie (Suggestive)
Severus Snape lives his life in shadows with the goal of redemption and the...

Doing it for the Order by Desert_Sea (Lascivious)
The Order asks Hermione Granger to lay down for Severus Snape....

Falling In Love: It Hasn't Happened Yet by dragoon811 (Suggestive)
Summary: Hermione is falling in love with Severus Snape. Literally. Written...

Snape's Paws by Milky_Angel (Brazen)
On a cold, dreary morning in winter, Hermione Granger stumbled across an in...

Buttons II by Oracle Obscured (Lascivious)
More frock coat fun with our favorite Potions master. Hermione’s ambitious ...

The Birth of Berenice by Sarablade (Brazen)
When a freshly widowed Hermione came to teach at Hogwarts, she broke up Sev...

A Sweet Triumph by dragoon811 (Lascivious)
This is the Sequel to “A Sweet Flirtation”, if you haven't read that one. I...

Buttons by Oracle Obscured (Lascivious)
Snape's wardrobe inspires Hermione's imagination. Frock coat carnality ensu...

Night of the Nargles (Complete) by PlaidPooka (Suggestive)
Decades after the war, a special Auror taskforce is ready to take down the ...

A Naughty Witch's Guide to Sexual Pleasure by Oracle Obscured (Lascivious)
When Hermione fills in for an ailing Pince, Severus reaps the benefits. SS/...

An Hour of Snape by Desert_Sea (Wanton)
Hermione Granger has paid for an hour alone with a Severus Snape look-alike...

Fortuitous by MegGonagall (Wanton)
for·tu·i·tous- fôr ˈto͞ oədəs/

Getting Personal by Oracle Obscured (Lascivious)
Hermione places an anonymous personal ad in The Daily Prophet. Snape is loo...

Debaucery by Desert_Sea (Lascivious)
Debauchery and Sorcery - a powerful combination. Severus is finally free ...

Guilt and a Smile by dragoon811 (Lascivious)
Hermione still trusts Professor Snape, and saves him. They eventually fall ...

Silhouette by Laralee (Brazen)
Severus Snape has been granted release from St. Mungo's following a lengthy...

Saving Severus Snape by MegGonagall (Brazen)
Hermione's Plan: Travel back in time and show Severus Snape that he does ha...

Survival Instinct by Gersknightlady (Wanton)
Hermione steps into the Dark forest for some peace and quiet five days afte...

The Heir by Sarablade (Brazen)
Hermione needs a father for the child she had with Lucius, just before she ...

Catspaws by Doomspark (Suggestive)
Chaos ensues when the Familiars at Hogwarts begin playing matchmaker. This ...

Three Strikes, You're In by Ladymage Samiko (Lascivious)
It's said that bad things happen in threes. Severus discovers what sort of...

A Life of Dreaming by Ladymage Samiko (Lascivious)
He's lived another life in his dreams, but when the war brings an end to hi...

Teacher, Death Eater, Soldier, Spy by dionde (Suggestive)
Beware of Slytherins, even if they're bearing gifts. Especially if they're ...

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