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The Page 394 Challenge by ladyofthemasque (Wanton)
Doomspark gave me this perverse little plot-bunny idea. Read the challenge...

Owned by Subversa (Wanton)
War is hell, and the aftermath is often the most hellish part of all. Havi...

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If you've emailed the help desk recently and have not received a response, please email again. We've been having a spam issue, where the inbox has been flooded with 1000+ spam emails a day. I think I have fixed the problem, with the spam being directed elsewhere, however, I may have missed a geniune email when I was slogging through the fake messages.

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The web hosting fee for the rest of 2015, until June 2016, is paid again with the funds from our donation account. It is entirely because of your generosity that we are able to continue to exist. As it stands, we have nearly 3/4 of the amount in the account for next year's bill as well, which is utterly awesome.

I just wanted to say, thank you again to everyone whom has donated, even the tiniest amount is helpful in the long run, since it just sits in PayPal accumulating interest until the bill gets paid.

Here is the widget to donate through:

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I first off wanted to say that I am sorry it's taken me so long to do another update on the site's situation. RL has been insane - various issues from work, family, and computer problems have pretty much limited my online time to trying to field emails, which of course has limited me in a lot of ways.

Nexcess did a server upgrade which unfortunately did not mesh well with the version of efiction we run. Luckily, bonsaibetz's husband was kind enough to help and get is back on track. Everything should be running correctly on all of the archives.

If you do notice any problems, please email the help desk.

Thank you, Celis
Celisnebula on 2015.04.07 - 01:10AM (0 Comments)

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A Timeline for Us by bccaw (Wanton)
Albus has a plan for Severus and Hermione and it begins with a secret union...

And They Didn't Live Happily Ever After by Betz (Lascivious)
Answer to the WIKTT "I'm Just a Gigolo" challenge. Harry asks Hermione a fa...

Kafka in Cantata by dail (Suggestive)
This is a brief essay on the literary references within Cantata and is writ...

The Seventh Year by bccaw (Wanton)
Hermione and her friends return to Hogwarts to complete their missed sevent...

Love Never Fails by Gersknightlady (Wanton)
Written by Becky: Severus, Hermione, and Edward begin their journey....

Tactus Amatoris by Shocabo (Lascivious)
Severus is suffering from a curse, and Hermione is the only one available t...

A Little Company by Betz (Conservative)
Hermione keeps a promise on All Hallow's Eve.
Originally written Oct...

Of Myth and Magic by Wonk (Brazen)
She knew it wasn't good for her, standing here like this, waiting for somet...

Camerado by MillieJoan (Wanton)
Hermione seeks knowledge from a reluctant Snape in order to help the War ef...

Worthy of Love by Gersknightlady (Lascivious)
Hermione ventures out on the eve of the war to retreive Severus Snape's bod...

Echo by dragoon811 (Conservative)
All he wanted, all of his years, was for someone to love him. To see...

A Bit of Before-Bed Reading by Horserider (Lascivious)
Hermione Granger and Severus Snape let their lusts for each other come to f...

Behind the Beaded Curtain by dragoon811 (Lascivious)
“So this is where it's all coming from.” - And with that sentence, our favo...

Masques by Ladymage Samiko (Brazen)
When Severus & Lucius make her the object of a wager, Hermione must decide...

And In The End by sister_d (Conservative)
Severus calls Hermione through Legilimency back to the Shrieking Shack to s...

The Leather Bound Promise by Helena Rickman (Wanton)
During her time at Hogwarts Hermione Granger repelled Severus Snape like tw...

Bottom Dealing by Ladymage Samiko (Brazen)
Severus finds himself unwilling to fulfill his end of a bargain with Hermio...

At the Edges by Ladymage Samiko (Suggestive)
Hermione notices something unusual about Severus Snape. (GS100 'Corner of t...

Cursed by bccaw (Suggestive)
Hermione wakes up in the infirmary after the final battle, unable to move. ...

In Assorted Shapes & Sizes by Ladymage Samiko (Conservative)
Hermione returns to the family home in search of a certain someone… (GS 100...

Terms and Conditions by mt_nestor (Suggestive)
Hermione and Severus' friendship was forged in adversity and strengthened i...

Left Alive by Ladymage Samiko (Brazen)
Years have passed since the end of the war. Hermione has turned to artistr...

Soul Eater by greywool (Brazen)
Six years after the second war against Voldemort, Hermione is settled nicel...

Remedial Transfiguration by dragoon811 (Suggestive)
A first date, Death Eaters, a spell gone wrong, and a cat. What more needs ...

Silhouette by Laralee (Brazen)
Severus Snape has been granted release from St. Mungo's following a lengthy...

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