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A Birthday Surprise by articcat621 (Lascivious)
Severus comes home from work not expecting the birthday surprise Hermione h...

An Epic Tragedy by Secret Deceptions (Conservative)
“An epic tragedy of forbidden love, betrayal, and murder: the Tale of Hermi...

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I first off wanted to say that I am sorry it's taken me so long to do another update on the site's situation. RL has been insane - various issues from work, family, and computer problems have pretty much limited my online time to trying to field emails, which of course has limited me in a lot of ways.

Nexcess did a server upgrade which unfortunately did not mesh well with the version of efiction we run. Luckily, bonsaibetz's husband was kind enough to help and get is back on track. Everything should be running correctly on all of the archives.

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Cursed by bccaw (Conservative)
Hermione wakes up in the infirmary after the final battle, unable to move. ...

A Thousand Faces by wallyflower (Suggestive)
Some time after the second Wizarding war, there is a man living in Grimmaul...

Of Myth and Magic by Wonk (Brazen)
She knew it wasn't good for her, standing here like this, waiting for somet...

For The Only Hope by Ausland (Wanton)
Dumbledore would not have left Harry- trouble magnet Harry Potter- defensel...

Worthy of Love by Gersknightlady (Lascivious)
Hermione ventures out on the eve of the war to retreive Severus Snape's bod...

By The Water by MintIceTea (Conservative)
The island was quiet, even when his visitor stopped by with all her questio...

Veela Love Bite! by articcat621 (Lascivious)
Hermione’s had feelings for Severus for quite some time. She doesn’t ma...

You're So Sparkly, Husband by articcat621 (Brazen)
Glitter really does get everywhere. ...

The Leather Bound Promise by Helena Rickman (Wanton)
During her time at Hogwarts Hermione Granger repelled Severus Snape like tw...

Mistress of the Stacks by Ms Anthrop (Lascivious)
An archaic danger is rampaging through the Hogwarts Library, and it's up to...

Soul Eater by greywool (Brazen)
Six years after the second war against Voldemort, Hermione is settled nicel...

The Start of Something New... by Snarkykitty824 (Suggestive)
Every year after the end of the war, the Order of the Phoenix throws a Chri...

Guilt and a Smile by dragoon811 (Lascivious)
Hermione still trusts Professor Snape, and saves him. They eventually fall ...

Happily Ever After the Fact by TycheSong (Lascivious)
Hermione receives a letter from the Ministry informing her of a bit of new...

Before I Saw Your Face by Subversa (Lascivious)
Two years post-war, the world is settling again into a regular rhythm. The ...

His Hands by Savva (Wanton)
There is something about his hands...

Indecent Proposal by thebridgeovertheriverkwai (Suggestive)
Hermione and Ron desperately want to move out of the Burrow. In a foolish a...

Consequences of Meddling With Time by beaweasley2 (Lascivious)
Hermione Granger is given a Time-Turner and instructions to use it. Only, u...

Blood and Poison by susiepip (Brazen)
This is an expansion of the Chronicler of Victories’ tale. It tells how the...

The Angel in the Gutter by Helena Rickman (Lascivious)
The War had ended and not for the better. Hermione falls into Severus’ pat...

Chains by GreenJewel (Lascivious)
Would Hermione rather do anything else than be a teacher at Hogwarts?...

1998. June 20. Sunset. by Savva (Conservative)
Just a short conversation in a moonlit garden. Drabble....

The Chronicler of Victories by susiepip (Conservative)
Voldemort is victorious. Of those who would oppose him, only Severus and He...

Warm Me Up by articcat621 (Suggestive)
Hermione and Severus share a moment on a cold, snowy day....

Walking In A Winter Wonderland by articcat621 (Suggestive)
Hermione and Severus take a stroll on Christmas Eve....

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