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Penname:Sylvana [Contact]
Member Since:2005.05.10
Real name:Sylvana
Stories Posted:9
Reviews Posted:51
A Favorite Author of:92 members
Favorite Stories:6
Favorite Authors:38
I'm terribly sorry if you leave a review and don't get a reply. I'm not writing in the fandom any longer and am horribly busy with other things, I very seldom come back here.

If you enjoyed my stories, I'm still happy, though. I'm leaving them in the archive, but won't add any new stories

Stories by Sylvana (9)Favorite Stories (6)Favorite Authors (38)

A Most Important Element in Water by Sylvana [Reviews - 156]
While hunting for Horcruxes with her friends, Hermione learns surprising facts about Snape's past. Will that change the way she thinks about him? May contain DH spoilers. AU after HBP. **Winner** Order of Merlin, Third Class, OWL Awards 2007 for Action/Adventure.

Genres: General, Action/Adventure, Romance
Warnings: none
Rating: Wanton Chapters: 29
Published: 03/25/2007 Updated: 10/14/2013
Word Count: 218394 Completed: Yes

Anywhere the Wind Blows by Sylvana [Reviews - 19]
Hermione gets a Valentine present, but has no idea who sent it.

Genres: Romance
Warnings: none
Rating: Wanton Chapters: 1
Published: 03/25/2007 Updated: 03/25/2007
Word Count: 1646 Completed: Yes

Arachne by Sylvana [Reviews - 43]
Hermione travels back in time to find a missing Horcrux. She meets a young Severus who prepares for his first Potions lesson. Written before DH, now AU.

Challenge fics > HG/SS Exchange
Genres: Action/Adventure, Romance, Alternate Universe
Warnings: Character Death, Implied Character Death, Violence
Rating: Wanton Chapters: 7
Published: 09/25/2007 Updated: 12/01/2007
Word Count: 36666 Completed: Yes

Climate Change by Sylvana [Reviews - 19]
Hermione and Severus are both heads of their houses and compete for the Quidditch Cup and the House Cup. However, a few things have changed since Hermione was a student. Prompt: May be DH-compliant. Hermione and Snape are both heads of their houses at Hogwarts and their houses are neck and neck for the Quidditch cup. Humor, romance, snark.

Challenge fics > HG/SS Exchange
Genres: Fluff, Humor, Romance
Warnings: DH, Spoilers
Rating: Conservative Chapters: 3
Published: 03/26/2008 Updated: 10/22/2013
Word Count: 17618 Completed: Yes

Exorcism by Sylvana [Reviews - 42]
Severus Snape gets three wishes. What will he make of them?

Genres: Romance, Alternate Universe
Warnings: none
Rating: Wanton Chapters: 2
Published: 10/20/2008 Updated: 10/29/2008
Word Count: 13410 Completed: Yes

Severus Snape: Sinner or Saint? by Sylvana [Reviews - 22]
A trap, revenge, love, and a barrel of beer are involved in the drama that ensues when Hermione and Severus drink Polyjuice Potion to switch bodies.

Challenge fics > HG/SS Exchange
Genres: Mystery/Suspense, Romance
Warnings: none
Rating: Wanton Chapters: 3
Published: 06/21/2009 Updated: 07/09/2009
Word Count: 19778 Completed: Yes

Stuck by Sylvana [Reviews - 30]
When Voldemort falls, Snape and Hermione find themselves in an unusual situation.

Genres: Romance
Warnings: none
Rating: Suggestive Chapters: 2
Published: 03/25/2007 Updated: 03/25/2007
Word Count: 1151 Completed: Yes

Ten Years by Sylvana [Reviews - 13]
Two close friends celebrate a tenth anniversary dinner. Could it lead to more?

Genres: Romance, Friendship
Warnings: none
Rating: Wanton Chapters: 1
Published: 12/18/2010 Updated: 12/20/2010
Word Count: 3463 Completed: Yes

The Vibrator, the Witch and the Painting by Sylvana [Reviews - 36]
Are there sex toys in the wizarding world? A bushy-haired witch is determined to find out. And what do the paintings have to do with it?

Genres: Humor, Romance
Warnings: none
Rating: Lascivious Chapters: 3
Published: 09/16/2008 Updated: 10/06/2008
Word Count: 22272 Completed: Yes

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