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The Thing About Coffee by neelix [Reviews - 19]

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A/N: I was bored, made some coffee, and this popped into my head.

Hermione hummed softly to herself as she waited for the kettle to boil. Magic was incredibly handy, but there was no substitute for making coffee the Muggle way. This was why Hermione had installed piped gas in her home and purchased a beautiful, shiny red whistling kettle to sit proudly on top of her hob.

The hiss of the gas and the flickering blue flame mesmerised Hermione for a short moment, and she stared at it intently until she heard the familiar popping of the water as it started to heat. Shaking her tousled hair, she stretched up to the shelf above the sink and grabbed two large coffee mugs. Both were rough earthenware, glazed with greens and browns. One had a slight chip in the base where she had dropped it, but it didn't spoil the contents. Reaching up again, she grabbed the glass cafetière and pulled out the plunger carefully.

Turning to the 'fridge, she opened the door and paused. On the top shelf there were two Tupperware boxes, both containing coffee. One was a smooth French roast, a gentle, aromatic blend with a hint of almonds. The other box contained Java. It was thick and the colour of molasses, with a deep bitter taste that melted like smooth dark chocolate on the tongue. Hermione pondered for a moment, then grabbed a box and closed the 'fridge door just as the kettle started to whine lightly.

With a practised hand, Hermione turned off the gas and allowed the water to cool slightly before pouring a little into the coffee pot. The steam clouded the glass, and she swirled it around lightly before tipping it into the sink. Taking a dessert spoon from the drawer, she slowly lifted the lid of the plastic box and inhaled the intoxicating scent deeply. Closing her eyes, a memory forced itself into the forefront of her mind. A café, the noise of the coffee machine, the hustle and bustle of the city outside the glass fronted façade, and her first taste of this coffee. The fact that this coincided with her first encounter with the man currently asleep in her bed only added impact to her daydream, and she licked her lips lightly as she opened her eyes again.

She put two large spoonfuls of the dark grounds into the pot and covered them with hot water. Stirring once, she replaced the plunger, allowing the filter to rest just on top of the dark liquid. Hermione placed the mugs, the coffee and a jug of milk onto the tray, grabbed it by the handles and walked down the narrow hallway to her bedroom. Nudging the door open with her very attractive bottom, she walked into the room. She caught her breath as her eyes drifted over to the bed, and for a moment she felt her stomach flip over.

Severus was still sleeping. His black hair was hanging over his face and over his neck. His arms were curled around her pillow as he hugged it under his head. Somehow, he had managed to wrap his long, lean leg over the duvet, hooking it between his thighs tightly. The tip of his penis was just visible, and showed signs of his morning erection. A small huff of breath left his mouth as he breathed through soft lips. Hermione thought she had never seen him looking quite as relaxed as this.

Closing to door quietly, Hermione padded barefoot to the side of the bed, placing the tray down slowly on her bedside locker. She sat on the edge of the bed and pressed the plunger down, inhaling as the smell of the coffee started to waft around the room.

Severus stirred in the bed, and Hermione turned to look at him, swinging her bare legs onto the matress. He fixed her dark brown eyes with a lust-filled gaze and a gave her a slow smile.

'Whose coffee is it this morning?' he said, his deep voice gravelly with sleep.

'That's cheating,' she said, giggling softly. 'You'll have to taste it and see.'

Severus didn't wait. Grabbing her legs, he pulled her down the bed until his body was flush with hers, laughing as Hermione shrieked with shock. Staring into her eyes, his bent his head and kissed her deeply, thoughts of coffee all but forgotten.

The thing about coffee is that it's deliciously addictive. It can warm you from the inside, or it can burn your tongue and leave a bitter taste. It can be smooth, or harsh. It can be softened by the addition of frothy milk and chocolate sprinkled on top, or it can come in short, intense bursts to give you just the hit you need.

Hermione loved coffee.

The Thing About Coffee by neelix [Reviews - 19]

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