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Reviews for For Hogwarts: A Regency Gamble

kci472012.04.19 - 10:41AM15: Chapter 15Signed
"Change it" is probably my favorite line of any fanfic ever!

lilynotpotter2012.01.08 - 07:52AM15: Chapter 15Signed
Fantastic, as always!

Leraiv Snape2012.01.08 - 12:46AM15: Chapter 15Signed
Glad that Ron's accepted Hermione's decision, finally, and made it his own...I have never been able to like Romilda Vane, though, and I'm sorry to see that she's his choice - especially since she's been throwing herself at him. But I do hope that Pansy, Penny, Krum and Fin get their romances squared away. Good couple of chapters - I liked the chess match.

s50m2012.01.07 - 11:02PM15: Chapter 15Signed
Absolutely perfect! :)

verasuspense2012.01.07 - 08:55PM15: Chapter 15Signed
I'm glad Hermione didn't go all huffy about being the subject of a wager - again.

MsTree2012.01.07 - 04:30PM15: Chapter 15Signed
And the sparks fly. LITERALLY! I like how Ron rationalised losing the chess match as his own idea. *grin*

Sariana2012.01.07 - 12:50PM15: Chapter 15Signed
Too short. ; ) (Sent from my iPhone.)

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