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Reviews for Nadolig Llawen

darklotus2011.12.18 - 02:07PM1: OneSigned
A lovely little story - Severus, the faerie of the dungeons! lol! And being caught at it by Minerva!

Author's Response: Thanks darklotus, I'm happy you enjoyed it.

loreen772011.09.04 - 07:49PM1: OneSigned
Giggles. Cute

Author's Response: Tips hat, thank you.

Emerald_Sparrow2010.02.13 - 07:55PM1: OneSigned
This is quite possibly the cutest thing ever!

Author's Response: Many thanks :) s

madahm_hooch2009.12.28 - 03:56AM1: OneSigned
Severus as a fairy in distress. Priceless! Couldn't stop giggling. As neither Welsh nor English is my native tongue I had to look up what the title means. Merry Christmas to you, too.

Author's Response: I,m very happy it gave you some Christmas cheer :) Thank you for reviewing. S

beaweasley22009.12.23 - 02:06PM1: OneSigned
I totally adore Isabel in this! Delightfully adorable girl - and the apple of Severus' eye if he's willing to put on wings and glitter for her!

Author's Response: Hi beaweasley2 I rather suspect she is the entire fruitbowl of his eye:)Cheers my dear for the lovely review.

regs2009.12.23 - 08:36AM1: OneSigned
Doing the "I LOVE FLUFF" dance...Daddy's will do anything for their little girls (I know)

Author's Response: Joins in the dance. Thanks regs.

FireBlade2009.12.23 - 01:01AM1: OneSigned
Very sweet, I am sure if I had been Minerva I would have been hard pressed to not laugh or say something witty, I would take a hex for it. Perhaps sneak a picture :) I like how you showed his portrayed character (that he shows to everyone) while he is devoted to making his daughter happy, even at a personal fashion sacrifice. I loved it :D

Author's Response: Hi Fireblade, I rather think I would have joined you and been hexed into next week.It is fun to write him out of his usual comfort zone, and after all no greater love has a man than he lay down all sence of personal fashion sense for the joy of another :) Thanks for reading and reviewing.

Jinxie2009.12.22 - 03:37PM1: OneSigned
I wish there were a drawing of him dressed as the black and pink dungeon fairy to accompany this story! Too funny!

Author's Response: Noooo! you had to put the idea in my head. Thanks for reading and reviewing Jinxie.

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