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Reviews for Soot and Smudges

jothar2013.03.20 - 12:58AM1: Chapter OneSigned
Oh, how I love a happy ending...and this is one of the nicest. Thank you!

Author's Response: you're welcome! thank *you*!

Logbrandur2011.04.25 - 09:55AM1: Chapter OneSigned
Wow! “Look, Severus. I’m pretty, I’m smart, and I actually don’t mind being around you. So, this is what is going to happen. We’re going to go to our meeting. We’re going to get our funding renewed for a year. We’re going to go to Hogsmeade. You’re going to buy me dinner, then walk me home. You will come in for a nightcap… and you will make me breakfast. Two eggs, coffee, and melon, to be precise.” Really made my day. Those lines are awesome!

Author's Response: hehe, thanks :)

loreen772011.04.21 - 06:28PM1: Chapter OneSigned
sometimes I think fluffy is an illness that jumps up and bites the plot bunny and creates fluff even when the bunny tries to do something else. Great story.

Author's Response: but fluffy bunnies are the cutest! :)

vze57t9j2011.03.12 - 06:21AM1: Chapter OneSigned
Snarky and sweet... perfect!

Author's Response: thanks!

Linneh2009.11.18 - 05:01PM1: Chapter OneSigned
I really did enjoy this. Very cute, very straight to the point. Lovely job!

Author's Response: thank you! and thanks for the review!

Jong_Kahn2009.11.15 - 12:42PM1: Chapter OneSigned
Ah, yess--the "cut the shit and serve me breakfast in bed, Severus" kind of story I like. Nice!

Author's Response: glad you enjoyed it! :)

beaweasley22009.11.14 - 02:24PM1: Chapter OneSigned
Swetheart, it only got fluffy at the very end. I really enjoyed how she turned the tables on him. Very enjoyable.

Author's Response: lol, i know. hence the "turned out fluffy." :-P. glad you enjoyed it.

Tangerine Dream2009.11.13 - 05:37PM1: Chapter OneSigned
Fluffy but fun!! Well done!

Author's Response: thank youuu!! :)

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