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Reviews for A Bedtime Story

Jong_Kahn2015.05.08 - 12:52PM1: one-shotSigned
I originally read and reviewed this when I was first here at Ashwinder. This sentence jumped out at me this time: "The illustration on that particular page was her favorite in the whole book, thanks to the funny looks on the owls’ faces." That simple truth reminded me of how I used to enjoy books when very small. Quite true to life--thank you!

Author's Response: I only got books for my son that had illustrations I enjoyed myself. They can be such a treat!

worrywart2015.02.27 - 06:38PM1: one-shotSigned
So sweet! I remember having to read One Fish Two Fish..over and over and over. Now that he's 24, I wish for those days back. A very wonderful story.

loreen772014.09.06 - 10:13PM1: one-shotSigned
Very sweet, well done!

adelgado2014.07.08 - 12:55PM1: one-shotSigned
Very cute. I hope she got a picture

Buggy2013.11.16 - 11:08PM1: one-shotSigned
awww, that was so sweet.

nothingness2013.05.30 - 02:29AM1: one-shotSigned
Love it! "Daddy’s a good boy." haha perfection

Author's Response: Well, he is, right?

GoldenGem2011.04.20 - 03:23PM1: one-shotSigned
A charming story - my husband used to fall asleep when telling our children bedtime stories and they thought it was hilarious too.

Author's Response: Amazing how well bedtime stories work on adults, isn't it?

tobydog2009.09.26 - 10:16PM1: one-shotSigned
Very, very cute.... are you planning anything for when Mairin is older?! Please?

Author's Response: I have a few ideas bouncing around, so you never know! Thanks for reading.

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