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Reviews for Salazar's Heir

snapefan19832017.11.25 - 04:08PM1: PrologueSigned
ok i understand the virgin blood with the dark lord getting it from hermione but why the unicorn blood as hermione is not a unicorn

snapefan19832014.10.01 - 05:53PM37: EpilogueSigned
What does that mean?? The unicorn shook his mane and his dark eyes glittered with mischief. “It is time for me to run free again,” he said softly. And the former lord of the unicorn ran in the depths of the Forbidden Forest, alive again because a centaur had dared being involved with a human instead of staying a mere observer. Also how can you tweak the odds so the boy could choose this particular form?? If that is so then that means his real form isn’t a unicorn??? right???

snapefan19832014.10.01 - 05:45PM37: EpilogueSigned
what happened after this and before the epiloge?? Despite his distraction, his classes went normally, without any incident. He was a nervous wreck by the end of the day, wondering if the fact that she still hadn’t come to him meant that she had refused his proposal. True, it wasn’t romantic or feet-sweeping, but she knew that he would never do such things. Slowly, he made his way to the Great Hall for dinner. His heart skipped a beat when he saw her in front of him. The dying of the whispers gave him away and she turned around to face him. She reached for him and kissed him forcefully. Hope surged through him. He felt her lips brush against his ear and then, she whispered three little words: “Where and when?” It was all he needed.

snapefan19832014.10.01 - 05:37PM36: Three Little WordsSigned
if hermione looks like Rowena then severus looks like Salazar “Honestly, Rowena, why me?” “That’s already the third time you ask me this week.” “And I will probably ask you three more times before the end of the week.” “Well, I don’t know. You’re not handsome. Nice dark eyes, though, and soft lips,” she added teasingly, leaning forward to kiss him. “You’re quite looking like an overgrown bat, all in all, including the dark complexion. But…” “But?” he probed gently. The haunted look in his eyes melted her heart. He could be so confident about many things, but as soon as it was about love, he thought he was undeserving. “But there’s something in you that calls to me and I can’t fight it. You’re intelligent, with challenging ideas; you have a strange sense of honour, which intrigues me, appeals to me and irritates me all at once. You have principles I can’t understand, but I respect you for them, because you’d stand for them no matter what. And behind all that… there is a man who gave me his heart and who makes me feel alive just by his mere presence. How could I not love him? How you could I not love you, Salazar?” “Because I’m not the handsome prince of your dreams,” he replied bitterly. Her lips pursed in disgust. “Pshaw! If I wanted a handsome man, I’d go to Godric. But I want you, Salazar, my tall and dark wizard, my personal overgrown bat, my very love… You’re stuck with me, Salazar, unless you don’t want me anymore, but I’m not going anywhere without you.” Then, at last, Salazar Slytherin smiled and took her in his arms. “You are not going to go anywhere near Gryffindor,” he murmured fiercely. ~*~

snapefan19832014.10.01 - 04:47PM34: Hogwarts' ChoiceSigned
do they would never be able to do the binding charm or get married?? “There should be another way to proceed, but I think it’s impossible to use the blood binding ceremony. I’m afraid that my blood would react the same way as the reversing potion were I to add yours to it.”

snapefan19832014.10.01 - 04:34PM34: Hogwarts' ChoiceSigned
what does that mean?? “He will be remembered,” he repeated, his smile turning into a knowing smirk. “I can already hear his name being called.” does that mean hermione is now pregnant and will call him that name??

snapefan19832014.10.01 - 04:34PM34: Hogwarts' ChoiceSigned
if he finishes the potion to take away the griff and slytherine etc blood from here does that mean he will take way the unicorn blood too and cancel out the fact that she is the daugher of a unicorn???

snapefan19832014.10.01 - 04:02PM33: FarewellSigned
so he ended all the spell?? and hermione is going to leave him?? :-@

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