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Celtic Celia2005.03.22 - 10:56PM1: Signed
Oh no! Update soon so we can see how this turns out! Love this story! :)

Bouncing_Ferret2005.02.16 - 09:28PM1: Signed
That was really good. Unfortunately for me, the way Hermione feels is all to familiar to me. For my own sake, and hers, I hope she gets a happy ending.

EdenLee2005.02.16 - 12:14PM1: Signed
First, let me congratulate you on a wonderfully written story. I was so impressed by the way you described everything to do with the Phantom of the Opera that I have bought the soundtrack (my husband now thinks I'm wierd..he doesn't get theater..lol) and one of my greatest wishes is to see it performed. Thank you so much for taking the time to write such a beautiful story, and no matter how long it is, know that I will be here reading it all faithfully. Thank you again.

Becky2005.02.06 - 11:58AM1: Signed
Wow Great beginning, Sure hope Severus and Hermione end up at the Ball together,, Oohhh

snapesgryffgoddess2005.01.19 - 12:36AM1: Signed
i love this story it is fast becoming one of my faves keep up the good work and plese update soon

notsosaintly2005.01.18 - 12:39AM1: Signed
*sniffle* Oh, Pook. That was the best chapter yet. I *loved* the description of Azkaban castle. I have an inkling where you are going to go with this, but I shall not divulge lest I spoil things. :D I believe if your *huge* fan base, me included, does not get Chapter 18 soon, we will be ramming down the castle doors!

Shiro Ryu2005.01.11 - 01:29PM1: Signed
I enjoyed your story! ^_^

notsosaintly2005.01.11 - 12:55PM1: Signed
Okay...I am sorry for being so remiss in reviewing. I am finally catching up and I was going to wait until I finished the latest installment before posting a comment. BUT, I simply could not wait after such a stunning chapter! Not that the other chapters were not equally as stunning, what with the exquisite detail you always seem to fit into every chapter. I must express my happiness at Hermione finally obtaining some relief. I was going to start begging after I read the previous chapter. Thank you for saving me the embarrassment of groveling at your feet! On to the next one, then. Absolutely brilliant!

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