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Miss2006.05.03 - 06:23AM1: Signed
Finally he's starting to make good use of his Apparition opportunities. I really like what you have done with the idea of comparing fathers and sons. We've all seen the James-Harry comparison, but the one for Severus is an interesting new story line. As always looking forward to more.

Daintress2006.04.30 - 05:06PM1: Signed
This was a very entertaining read. I particularly liked Bella's parting shot. Nicely done.

Amandah Leigh2006.04.23 - 12:18PM1: Anonymous
wow. I wrote an incredibly long review to this and when i hit 'submit' it refreshed the page and disapeared instead. basically what i said is that i liked this fic very much, and the voldemort 'scene' reminded me of the play The Pictuers of Patty Hearst based on the famous case of Patty Hearst. :-) AL

sashalei2006.04.20 - 03:18PM1: Anonymous
I love this fic, I've been searching all day so I could read it again. Where did it go?

Lady Apythia2006.04.12 - 01:32PM1: Signed
My internet cut out so I apoligize if this is a duplicate review. I really enjoyed this story. I liked the pace and the plot. I hated the Mulch sisters and nearly cried when Minerva died. I love that Snape was able to fall in love without becoming Mushy!Snape. Well done. I enjoyed this.

Miss2006.04.01 - 04:30PM1: Signed
Bitches! Seems there are two women who aren't getting any...

Miss2006.03.21 - 02:17PM1: Signed
I think Harry is overreacting, though I do agree that Severus could have just acted a bit civil.

JTBJAB2006.03.21 - 01:23PM1: Signed
*Bats at thoughts* I give up! The anticipation is killing me - and I think I'm going into withdrawal... Severus and Hermione need to be together again soon... pretty pretty please! (You can have whatever you want piled either under or on top of the cream pleases!

Damn good chapter though *nods head*

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