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kuhinja2007.12.03 - 03:38PM1: Signed
I Love ittttt!!!!!!!

zyra1232007.11.27 - 12:40AM1: Signed
OMG.... this is so beautiful. Of all fics telling about them during Hogwarts, I think this is the most believable and realistic. Even Dumbledore act like a headmaster would. They shouldn't have relationship as long as there's teacher-student between them. Two months until graduation and he nodded his understanding. That was beautiful as well, I like it that they do not yield to the others mocking and 'disgust' (that may be too strong a word though) but waited until they're 'legal' to be together. Beautiful, very beautiful. Good job!

mxdp2007.11.14 - 02:49PM1: Signed
How, come on! Those reviews go whole the way back to 2003! No! Why did I start reading this? Please, please FINISH THIS! I beg you?

is2007.10.08 - 01:41PM1: Anonymous
wer is the f****** story

SataiDelenn2007.09.28 - 03:04AM1: Signed
What happened to this story? It's disappeared!

Mrs_Brown2007.09.23 - 10:50PM1: Signed
Your writing style and pacing is so refreshing! Clean, uncluttered, intelligent, insightful, considered, eloquent, unsentimental. I just love it!! It's rare to encounter such a straight-forward, strong narrative and such fully fleshed characterizations. Your angst never seems forced or arbitrary (as it soooo often is in fanfic); and the motives behind your characters actions are thoughtful and in line with canon. Please keep going -- this has just been getting better and better! Thank you so much for sharing your fantastic story with us!!

slygriff212007.09.13 - 12:11PM1: Signed
wesome story! I loved it!

Mrs_Brown2007.09.08 - 07:12PM1: Signed
Gorgeous and moving. Only one problem: it should have said Chapter 2 at the top of the page, and I somehow missed the Next button at the bottom of the page. If you could please tell me where I can find Chapters 3 - 40, I would be most grateful! :-) Thank you so much for sharing this lovely story!!

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