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handbag2009.12.11 - 02:20AM1: Anonymous
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revengeofthemisfit2009.10.13 - 05:23AM1: Signed
That was beautifully, beautifully written. You captured the progression of Severus' growing feelings perfectly! I have to admit though- when I read the story summary I imagined some cliched forbidden sex-in-the-dungeons type of story- which I personally despise. But thankfully it turned out so much more... thank you, can't wait to read more of your stories in the future!

Nessasnight2009.09.23 - 08:07PM1: Signed
Oh my Oh my, I just decided to read back a few chapters towards the beginning. It had been such a long time and I must say I'm more psyched than ever now to get the rest!! Continue your amazing work!

JamesandLily4ever2009.06.20 - 10:33PM1: Signed
This is wonderful, but I wonder how they are going to keep this up! Great writing method this time with Severus' pov! His side of the world is very insightful and it adds on to how much he really loves her. :) Kudos, and please... update soon!

Saphira832009.04.21 - 10:13AM1: Signed
Ooooh! I can`t wait to read more chappies. This pairings makes an awesome threesome! :-)

kerriblu2009.04.02 - 10:26AM1: Signed
Aside from the obligatory, "it was hot" comment, I really loved the amusing little plot you developed; and in only two chapters. You write a harried, exasperated Hermione better than anyone. Loved Snape taunting her with the Diary in his cool, detached way. Excellent.

IcyQueen2009.03.03 - 09:22PM1: Signed

kerriblu2009.02.07 - 09:45AM1: Signed
Regarding the house elves, I love them; I love seeing the story from their perspective, I think your idea of the elf council is brilliant, and I love how manipulative they are. I am enjoying this very much.

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