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Penname:laurielove [Contact]
Member Since:2010.10.07
Stories Posted:8
Reviews Posted:1
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My focus is on erotic tension through dialogue and the mind. Severus and Hermione epitomise this.

Do join me on facebook (Laurielove) or LJ (Laurielover1912). I also have original, published work out there, yours for only a few pennies or Amazon and elsewhere. My original penname is Demelza Hart. As everywhere, reviews are greatly appreciated.

Now, over to Severus and Hermione.

LL x

Stories by laurielove (8)Favorite Stories (0)Favorite Authors (0)

A Most Propitious Encounter by laurielove [Reviews - 23]
Hermione hears two distinctive male voices from around a corner in the halls of Hogwarts ... who could they possibly belong to?

Genres: Humor, Menage a trois
Warnings: none
Rating: Brazen Chapters: 1
Published: 10/27/2011 Updated: 10/29/2011
Word Count: 2249 Completed: Yes

Beasts With Two Backs and Where to Find Them - i.e. In the Potions Master's Bedroom by laurielove [Reviews - 18]
Hermione and Severus explore the meaning of Hermione's fruity vocabulary. A sequel of 'Loose Lips, Slurred Slips'.

Porn Without Plot
Genres: Humor, Romance, Plot? What Plot?
Warnings: none
Rating: Lascivious Chapters: 1
Published: 01/09/2012 Updated: 01/10/2012
Word Count: 2332 Completed: Yes

Loose Lips, Slurred Slips by laurielove [Reviews - 15]
A little tale of how too much alcohol loosened Hermione's tongue and her inhibitions.

Genres: Humor, Romance, Friendship
Warnings: none
Rating: Wanton Chapters: 1
Published: 01/07/2012 Updated: 01/07/2012
Word Count: 4318 Completed: Yes

Miss Granger ... Up Against the Wall ... With Professor Snape by laurielove [Reviews - 44]
Does what the title says.

Porn Without Plot
Genres: Plot? What Plot?
Warnings: none
Rating: Lascivious Chapters: 1
Published: 08/25/2011 Updated: 09/02/2011
Word Count: 1956 Completed: Yes

Out of the Depths by laurielove [Reviews - 476]
A tale of emotional and erotic dependency. A nineteen-year-old Hermione is back at Hogwarts and finds herself at odds with student life. And her bewildering new feelings for her Potions Master confuse her even more.

Genres: Angst, Romance, Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: none
Rating: Lascivious Chapters: 34
Published: 10/07/2010 Updated: 05/16/2011
Word Count: 131945 Completed: Yes

The Last Potions Lesson Ever by laurielove [Reviews - 23]
How do a professor and his most able student say goodbye at their last lesson? Hermione and her Potions Master seem to be able to think of several ways.

Porn Without Plot
Genres: Romance, Plot? What Plot?
Warnings: none
Rating: Lascivious Chapters: 1
Published: 07/06/2011 Updated: 07/08/2011
Word Count: 3769 Completed: Yes

The Remarkable Realisation of Severus Snape by laurielove [Reviews - 29]
The Potions Master is rather taken aback by the wonderings of his mind ... and the wanderings of his eyes.

Genres: Humor, Romance
Warnings: none
Rating: Wanton Chapters: 1
Published: 09/10/2011 Updated: 09/19/2011
Word Count: 2913 Completed: Yes

What Would You Wish For? by laurielove [Reviews - 46]
It is Hermione's nineteenth birthday, but her Potions Master would seem to be in no mood to celebrate or even acknowledge it.

Genres: Romance, Plot? What Plot?
Warnings: none
Rating: Lascivious Chapters: 1
Published: 05/28/2011 Updated: 06/01/2011
Word Count: 5453 Completed: Yes

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