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Penname:PixXy [Contact]
Member Since:2004.03.31
Real name:Rachel Evangelina Victoria Bumblefoof-Mimsy-Porpington Cheeseworth Snape, PhD, Esq., Etc.
Stories Posted:2
Reviews Posted:44
A Favorite Author of:10 members
Favorite Stories:8
Favorite Authors:6
I am the Master of Foof. Bow down to me or risk being turned into a newt.

[Peasant: She turned me into a newt!
Bedevere: *calculating pause*
Peasant: Well I got better...]

*Ahem* Personal info... let's see. I'm just another bisexual chick who has an unhealthy obsession with Snape. Not too exciting, really. Take a look-see at the fics on my Favorite Stories list, they're highly recommended.

Stories by PixXy (2)Favorite Stories (8)Favorite Authors (6)

Who me? by TimidOne [Reviews - 26]
This is my response to the Blackmail challenge issued at WIKTT. Hermione has detention with our favorite potions master. What does she see that allows her to take control?

Challenge fics
Genres: Humor
Warnings: BDSM
Rating: Wanton Chapters: 3
Published: 03/28/2004 Updated: 05/02/2004
Word Count: 4963 Completed: No

A Choice of Roads by Imhilien [Reviews - 1018]
A curious Hermione finds a way to see future visions of life with Harry or Ron. She did not expect to see one with the dark Potions Master... *AU since HPB* * Winner of the Multifaceted Fanfiction Award - Round Five - for 'Best Het Fic rated G to PG-13' - Thanks to those who voted! ^_^ *

Genres: Fluff, Humor, Drama, Angst, Romance, Alternate Universe
Warnings: none
Rating: Brazen Chapters: 34
Published: 12/18/2003 Updated: 01/16/2018
Word Count: 157187 Completed: No

Silver Thorn, Bloody Rose by DisenchantedGlow [Reviews - 15]
Severus reflects on the motive behind a cauldron explosion, and the relationship it ruined.

Ficlets & Drabbles
Genres: Angst, Romance
Warnings: none
Rating: Suggestive Chapters: 1
Published: 03/09/2004 Updated: 03/09/2004
Word Count: 2604 Completed: Yes

Chances by LeoGryffin [Reviews - 13]
A wee bit of a fond parody of HG/SS fics. 30 minute challenge ficlet.

Ficlets & Drabbles
Genres: Humor
Warnings: none
Rating: Suggestive Chapters: 1
Published: 11/25/2003 Updated: 11/25/2003
Word Count: 957 Completed: Yes

What the Room of Requirement Doth Provide by Gina R Snape [Reviews - 64]
For the 30minutefic LJ challenge #33 "Turn to page 394" Just a hot little ficlet. Complete. Please visit me on occlumency for more of my stories (mostly Snape/Tonks)

Ficlets & Drabbles
Genres: Plot? What Plot?
Warnings: none
Rating: Brazen Chapters: 1
Published: 04/13/2004 Updated: 04/13/2004
Word Count: 888 Completed: Yes

To Hell With That! by Kukukadoo [Reviews - 67]
Extracts from the diaries of two very different people and how turns of events cause them to... hook up, for lack of a better phrase. Rated R to be safe and for later chapters. Warning: Some characters are severly OOC. ^_^ Sorry about that... it was originally a plot bunny that ran away with me XD

Genres: Humor
Warnings: none
Rating: Conservative Chapters: 7
Published: 04/27/2004 Updated: 06/21/2004
Word Count: 7841 Completed: No

Arithmancy for Muggles by Flyingegg [Reviews - 486]
Hermione and Snape meet by chance at Gringott's. Their meeting touches them both in ways they had not anticipated.

Genres: Drama
Warnings: Character Death
Rating: Wanton Chapters: 16
Published: 04/28/2004 Updated: 10/08/2004
Word Count: 50173 Completed: No

The Not-So-Comprehensive Guide to Hermione/Severus Clichés in Fanfiction by Electryone [Reviews - 188]
The majority of HG/SS plotlines in under 500 words each. Time-turners added!

Genres: Parody
Warnings: none
Rating: Brazen Chapters: 1
Published: 05/13/2004 Updated: 05/13/2004
Word Count: 2748 Completed: Yes

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