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Penname:Betz [Contact]
Member Since:2004.01.09
Real name:Elizabeth
Stories Posted:12
Reviews Posted:610
A Favorite Author of:362 members
Favorite Stories:78
Favorite Authors:9
Mother of two kids, originally fell into HP fanfiction with Draco/Ginny ship and eventually discovered HG/SS.

Regarding "And They Didn't Live Happily Ever After." it is complete, it's no longer a WIP. I have written the epilogue. I decided to finish writing all of it instead of posting as a WIP so I didn't have to write myself out of a hole again.

I will be posting new chapters, at the rate of about one a week here on Ashwinder, as well as AFF and AO3. And when my buffer of betaed chapters has been eaten up, I'll post as fast as my betas can edit, so be patient as some of those chapters are big enough to be split into two due to the 10,000 word chapter limit.

If you have noticed in the past that there are some dead fan art links, those have been fixed with me posting that fanart on Tumblr now, and also linking back to the original fan art site (i.e. DeviantArt) if it is still available for viewing there in the Author's Notes sections at the end of chapter. I have also either deleted or updated informational links as well.

To view the fan art that goes with "And They Didn't Live Happily Ever After", visit the Tumblr page I have set up for the fic:http://atdlhea-betz.tumblr.com/

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