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Penname:MintIceTea [Contact]
Member Since:2013.05.20
Real name:Minty
Stories Posted:8
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Welcome to my profile! As you are most likely passing through to my other stories, I will make my personal information brief.

Iím female, my birthday is July 26th, and I am currently living in North Texas, USA.

Iím still pretty new to the Harry Potter fandom. I started reading fanfiction around the summer of 2013 and finally finished reading the actual series that same year. So when I was introduce to the series it was through SSHG fic and it has held a special place in my heart since.

I really love all the clichť fics Ė time turner, marriage law, etc. I adore them, and canít wait to flex my fingers and write some. For other fandoms - my writing can be found on Teaspoon, ao3, and ff.net under the name username. Iím most active on tumblr though, and thatís where I can be prompted at!

After The Apprenticeship 'Verse: (Which is not published in order, is properly in a collection over on ao3, and is always open for prompts via Tumblr.)
The Announcement
Choosing Colors & Explanation
Perfect Timing
November Mornings

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