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Penname:dragoon811 [Contact]
Member Since:2011.10.17
Real name:Katie
Stories Posted:29
Reviews Posted:34
A Favorite Author of:231 members
Favorite Stories:102
Favorite Authors:6
Hello, there!

My name is Katie and I'm a Slytherin gal living in Canada. Previously, I resided in California.

I have various hobbies and interests, including tea, cooking, reading, baking, swimming, and video games. I'm looking into learning to quilt, too. :)

I don't have a regular update schedule, but I do try to write a chapter for one of my stories per week. I update first in FanFiction, then get to posting things up here on Ashwinder. (I'm always terrified they'll reject it for some reason.) My author name is the same on both, if you're curious.

In Progress:
Guilt and a Smile

Another Dream
Providing Pleasure
Affectionately High
Tissues & Teacups
Sixty Turns
Thanks to Crookshanks
Dance With Me
At Your Door
First Impressions (sshg newbies fest)
Out of Practice (2014 Winter sshg promptfest)
A Tangled Tale (2014 Summer sshg promptfest)

(title hidden) - samhain smut (SSLMHG)
Inosculation (7 ch written)
Pent-Up Poltergeist
Man with a Silken Schlong (7 ch written)
(untitled) - working title is Renovations

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