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He's so Irritating but... by Imhilien [Reviews - 18]

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Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to Harry Potter or anything to do with him.

It was easy to hate Professor Snape in the beginning. We all thought he looked like he'd just arrived from some twilight dimension to make us miserable, and always stared at everyone like they had just crawled from under a rock. I'm not sure when my feelings changed, I'm not really sure why either! Perhaps it was when my heart started quivering when he swept imperiously into classes with his trademark scowl, perhaps it was when I started looking at him more closely...

His sarcastic remarks can reduce students to quivering jelly...but if they have done well he will remark that surely the world has ended, for their work is excellent. And for a moment his black eyes will gleam in amusement, and the student will beam for the rest of the lesson.

He doesn't go out of his way to like his students...but somehow his class became my favourite.

He's always snapping at Harry...but sometimes I've caught him staring at Harry with a look of concern, worry and affection.

He always dresses in black...yet somehow I feel any other colour would not become him.

He always looks like he's never seen the sun...but I feel a tan would not suit him.

His voice is like jagged ice and smoke...but it can sound beautiful when he's discussing a spell.

He disdains the company of others, preferring to be solitary...but sometimes when I see him in his own grim silence I want to say he could have a friend if he just reached out.

He's tall and intimidating...yet I wonder what it would be like to embrace him.

He sneers most of the time...but I wish he would give one of his rare smiles.

He never seems to do anything with his hair...but I find I want to run my hands through it gently.

He rarely looks at me...yet I wish he would.

He would never give his heart to me...but I find I gave him mine long ago.


He's so Irritating but... by Imhilien [Reviews - 18]

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