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A Collection of Four by Imhilien [Reviews - 19]

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“A Collection of Four”

By Imhilien

A/N: I have had a couple of these posted elsewhere and two of them are new.

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything to do with Harry Potter.


“You Silly Girl”

You recoil in shock with a bewildered “What?”

“I said it’s finished. I’m tired of you, you silly girl!” I say coldly and walk away without looking back.

The shadows in my soul are darker now but it had to be done. You deserve a loving mate who is whole inside, not Severus, whose inner being is a bitter, twisted wreck.

I will always treasure the rays of sunlight you brought into my life, my Hermione, but you should not have to spend a life trying to find my missing pieces.

It’s better this way.

I try and believe that.


“An Admission”

I say that I love you Hermione, hoping you will see that beyond my unlovely face and nature is someone who would love you until the sands of time ran out. Beyond, as well.

You look surprised, eyes wide...and after all the times I (wrongly!) called you a foolish girl I see that now I am the foolish one. I have bared my lonely heart and it was all for nothing.

Then you smile, reach up and touch my face gently and…and I see that you do see me.

"I love you," you say and the world starts anew.


“Eye of the Beholder”

With her mouth set in a firm line Hermione stepped upon a thin and specially charmed slab of marble in the bathroom.

“You should avoid those rich desserts as there is too much weight upon your hips my dear,” the marble tile said after a moment.

Hermione fumed. Why did the damn voice always have to sound so kind when it said those sort of things.

“I’m too fat,” she nevertheless said gloomily to herself as she stepped off the tile.

“What utter nonsense,” Severus said acerbically behind her.

Hermione turned and saw her sardonic, dark-haired husband looking down his over-large nose at her.

“I would hardly call you fat, and if you indeed ever appear excessively large to my eyes I would merely suggest a course of exercise. Mutually pleasant exercise of course,” he murmured with a certain simmering look in his black eyes.

“Really? Would there be something in it for me?” Hermione enquired in an innocent tone. She was starting to feel much better.

Impudent wife, Severus thought severely. How she provoked him at times.

“Yes, there would be a definite ‘something’ indeed in it for you,” he purred as he drew nearer, noting the look of happy anticipation in her brown eyes.

Hermione was so easy to seduce, Severus thought smugly.

She had Severus wrapped around her little finger, Hermione thought in satisfaction as she went to kiss him.


“A Different Approach”

He had been just about to go into the bathroom. Severus stared at the contents of the glass jug Hermione was offering him, a look of the utmost suspicion in his black eyes.

“It won’t bite,” Hermione said patiently.

“Tell me Hermione, how is a spoonful of vinegar in that jug supposed to help me?” Severus said sarcastically to his wife.

“The vinegar will help take the excess grease out of your hair – just fill the jug with hot water and use it as your last rinse,” Hermione said earnestly.

Severus glowered down at Hermione. Trust her to sense that he was going to wash his hair.

“There is nothing wrong with my shampoo and I refuse to use this, this vinegar rinse as well,” he growled. “My hair will stink of vinegar afterwards.”

“No it won’t,” Hermione said firmly. “I promise.”

“Why is it malt vinegar?” Severus grumbled after a moment with the air of doing her a great favour by asking this question.

“Because you have dark hair. If you had fair hair it would be white vinegar – both vinegars can act like a bleach,” Hermione said promptly.

“Did you get that particular tip years ago from Lockhart?” Severus sneered at her, unable to resist the taunt. Knowing the crush she once had had on that particular DADA teacher a part of him sometimes wondered why she loved someone as homely as himself.

Hermione’s eyes flashed and her chin lifted.

“Yes I did, as a matter of fact,” she asserted. “Does it matter? In fact, I was thinking of…helping you wash your hair in the shower but if you don’t want me around…”

She turned to go and promptly felt a strong hand seize her shoulder.

“Don’t go,” her husband said softly, Hermione knowing that this was the closest he would get to apologising to her.

“You are certain it will help with my hair?” he said warily, always loathe to admitting that anything was wrong with him, least of all his hair.

Hermione finally turned and smiled at him.

“Yes, it will look wonderful,” she promised.

“I think that is a better description of my wife,” Severus murmured as he took her other hand and drew her into the bathroom. “As soon as I wash her all over of course.”

A/N: If you are wondering if using a jug of water with a spoonful of vinegar – a big spoonful that is – really will help greasy hair then trust me when I say that I have naturally greasy hair (sigh) and this remedy is the best thing that helps me.

A Collection of Four by Imhilien [Reviews - 19]

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