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Two As One by AngelQueen [Reviews - 7]

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Two As One

I. Lioness
She is the lady of the Lions
She is a spring that thrives in the mountains
She is as innocent as the does of the forests
But with the fierceness of her fellows

She is a golden sun against the clouds
She is everything he has always despised
She is bold and reckless
Unheeding of the world’s horrors

She is the glorious light of day
She is that which cannot be broken
She is loyalty that will never waver
And refuses to ever leave

II. Serpent
He is the true Lord of the Serpents
He is the subtle hunter
He is clever in his way
Forever leaving questions behind

He is the storm that rages on the horizon
He is that which she has always feared
He is cold and calculating
Cruel as the winter winds

He is a disciple of the night
He is who endures
He is the penitent who seeks redemption
Without hope of ever receiving it

III. Two Together
They are two hearts together
With neither a beginning nor an ending
One is the lioness,
The other the serpent

She is light to his dark
The star of hope in the night sky
He is the ballast
To keep her from losing herself in the clouds

She is the taste of freedom’s future
He is the slave of his past
Different as different can be
Yet they are two hearts together

Two As One by AngelQueen [Reviews - 7]

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