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A Moment of Reflection by Imhilien [Reviews - 16]

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A Moment of Reflection

By Imhilien

A/N: J.K. Rowling owns everything to do with the Harry Potter universe, of course.

Prepared for her rescue mission, her mind brimming with spells, Hermione gazed at the Mirror.

Severus’ formidable reflection stared back, though his eyes showed feelings that he had given to no other person.

Her friends believed Hermione to be ‘theirs’ again – the Hermione who wouldn’t look twice at the Potions Master.

Hermione had successfully fooled all, but still remembered her pain and his rage when they were discovered.


Azkaban contained him now…but not for long.

Not after tonight.

“I will see you soon,” Hermione said softly, placing her hand in silent promise upon the glass before she left.

A Moment of Reflection by Imhilien [Reviews - 16]

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