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Getting the Best of the Gloomilows by zaubernuss [Reviews - 6]

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Summary of Chapter Five – Detention

On Severus’ suggestion, Luna becomes Hermione's new roommate to help with her sleeping problems. In her last detention, Hermione expects her professor to continue their Occlumency lessons, but he makes her clean cauldrons instead. They come to talk about Luna and her baffling theories and about Draco, whom Hermione has befriended. Severus wonders if there is more to their relations than friendship and shows signs of jealousy at the idea. His reaction makes Hermione angry, and they have a short argument about their awkward situation. Severus apologises. He then proposes that Hermione become his brewing assistant for the remainder of the year, which would give them both a plausible reason to continue their Occlumency meetings. Hermione happily agrees.

A/N: This chapter includes quotes from a wizarding newspaper. While I had it perfectly formated in my own file, I seem to be unable to do it here. Formating options are unfortunately rather limited.

Wands, Whotnits and Weapknats

When the Potions Master returned to his office after his discussion with the headmistress, he was smirking inside. For the second time within a few days, he had managed to render Minerva speechless. ‘You want to take on an apprentice?’ she had asked, flabbergasted.

‘An assistant for potion projects’, he had corrected her. ‘And I want it to be Miss Granger.’

Minerva had wanted to know why he was taking such an interest in one of her cubs, and that question had been a tricky one to answer. After pondering it a moment, he had decided to go with the truth. It was a great tactic with her, as she knew him to never be straightforward or forthcoming, and immediately suspected it must be something else.

‘You expect me to believe that you are interested in her welfare?’ she had asked incredulously after listening to his explanation, and had snorted. ‘Hah – I see right through you, Severus! You finally had to admit that she’s smart and capable, and you want her for your private brewing!’ He hadn’t said anything else, merely raised his brow, which had confirmed it for her. Still, she was thrilled, just like he had expected her to be, and had instantly given her consent.

He had informed Hermione right after class the next day, and they had agreed to meet this evening again – to discuss the details of what he expected her to do, and to work out a schedule for regular meetings. With all the brewing she could do for Poppy, the lower classes’ essays she could correct and with her Occlumency lessons, he’d be having no problems to keep her occupied. Still, he couldn’t deny that he was looking forward to seeing her on a regular basis, even though it would make keeping up their facade much harder.

His assessment was proven right when Hermione came to his office that evening, her eyes sparkling with amusement. It was the most life he had seen in them in weeks, and it was all the more surprising since students usually passed through his office door in silent dread or at least with a reasonable amount of discomfort on their faces.

Without waiting for an invitation, she slipped into her usual chair, which he had already transfigured for her without giving it a thought. Taking notice of own unconscious action, he sighed. They had gotten entirely too comfortable.

“Have you seen this?” Hermione asked and held up a newspaper.

Severus shook his head, as much in negation of her question as displeasure at his recent realisation. To dispel the notion of exaggerated amiableness, he put on a well-measured frown as well. “If it’s the Daily Prophet, the answer is ‘no, I haven’t.’ I refuse to read that rubbish excuse for a newspaper.”

“It isn’t the Prophet,” she grinned. “It’s actually worse... It’s the Quibbler!” She held it out to him and gestured impatiently. “Go ahead – read it! I assure you it’s worth it!”

Making sure that his frown was still firmly in place, he took the paper from her hand and read.

Getting the Best of Gloomilows

Luna Lovegood for ‘The Quibbler’

Largely unnoticed by the wizarding public, a huge epidemic of Gloomilows has broken out at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the aftermath of what is likely to enter historic archives as Voldewar II.

Although Gloomilows are known to infest places which have been exposed to grief and sadness over an extended period of time, students and staff have been found concerningly uninformed about the nature of the disease. So far, no concerted effort has been made to counter the mass infection, which, unfortunately, increases the likelihood of further spreading. The Quibbler tells you all you need to know about Gloomilows and how to get the best of them.

Gloomilows, also commonly known as Bluedrags, are extremely small, invisible fungi. They cling to buildings and people alike and feast on magical energy. This makes the infected feel down and bleary, causes a lack of drive and enthusiasm and often a perpetual bad mood. However, as a positive side effect, their waste products make the radiation of a person’s magical aura visible and reveal its specific colour. It is believed that the aura of the victim in the first documented case of a Bluedrag infection happened to be blue, which gave the condition its misleading name. The fact that Gloomilows make people blue (or, for that matter, pink, yellow, green or any other colour) is interestingly well-known also in the muggle world. Even non-magical people have been heard saying things like ‘she’s got the blues’ to describe the condition – although it is doubtful that they are actually able to see the coloured aura.

Although Gloomilows can spread from person to person, it is unlikely that a single infected person in your vicinity will give you the blues. As a matter of fact, Gloomilows become attuned to the energy of their particular host and only spread if they find a matching climate in someone else. However, in circumstances of mass infection as observed in Hogwarts, chances of catching them from someone else increase exponentially. It is also possible to catch them simply from living in an infested place for a long time.

A Gloomilow infection is a severe condition and a risk for your health, and should not be treated lightly! Apart from turning latent melancholy to profound sadness and unhappiness, dragging the infected further and further down, victims are running the risk of losing their magic. The sooner it is treated, the better. Once the aura has taken on a deep, rich and saturated colour, healing will be a long process. Thankfully, there are some measures you can take if you are infected:

1. Spend time people whose aura balances yours

Gloomilows are highly sensitive to astral radiation that runs contrary to the radiation of their given environment. So find a person whose aura has a colour of the opposing spectrum and spend as much time with them a you can. If he’s also infected, finding each other is relatively easy, provided you are able to see the colour of his aura (if you can’t, you might be suffering from after-effects of a Common Whotnit infection, which sadly are ever-lasting). Maybe someone else can point out such a person to you. It is the surest method to heal, even if the person is not infected himself. Otherwise, you will heal each other. People with opposing auras generally have a high chance of making each other happy, which is why people have been known to purposely get themselves infected with Gloomilows to find what they believe is their soul mate. (Please note that Gloomilows do not reveal soul mates – only Flimflumbies can do that, so we strongly advise against purposely getting infected).

2. Try to think at least two positive thoughts per day

You might want to put them down in writing and read through the ones already pinned down from previous days. This refills some of the energy you lost to the Gloomilows. Once you start feeling better, you may even go for a higher number. This is also a good pre-emptive measure.

3. Clean your house

If you can’t move, fight the infection of the building. Colouring the walls in a light, cheerful colour (ideally pink) has proved helpful. Keep the rooms clean at all times. As it is hard to tell which parts are infected, clean everything. This will also keep you busy, which is helpful in your condition. Beware, however of getting obsessed! It is advisable to purposely create a mess about once a month, which can actually be a lot of fun.

4. Read joke books, buy good joke products and throw a party

Laughing is extremely helpful. The vibrations make Gloomilows dizzy. Laughter is also an excellent disinfectant for infested buildings. Though it has not yet been scientifically confirmed, Gloomilows seem to dislike happy sounds of any kind, so singing, listening to someone singing badly, making music or throwing a party can also help. But do not overdo it! Excessive happiness from uninfected people can have adverse effects on you if you’ve got the ‘blues’.

5. Dress in light colours,

... preferably in pink or anything with glitter. For indiscernible reasons, Gloomilows don’t seem to like either. Avoid black, brown and maroon.

6. Eat pudding

“Well, that explains it,” Severus remarked drily, folding up the paper and shaking his head once more.

“Explains what?” Hermione asked.

“The strange conversation I had with Miss Lovegood when I asked her if she would consider becoming your roommate. She looked at me with those misty eyes and told me in all seriousness that it’d be much better if you moved in with me, given that I was radiating purple, which would be good for you.”

Hermione stared at him in disbelief. “Seriously? How did you react?”

For a moment, he had only been able to stare at the strange girl in dumbfounded silence, struggling to control his features. His first reaction had been panic and concern – had she found out? Coming from any other person, he would immediately have suspected an attempt at blackmail, but not from her. Miss Lovegood probably had no idea of the concept. “I told her firmly that I wasn’t giving off anything, and if I were, it surely wouldn’t be purple.”

“That was a rather mild reaction,” Hermione remarked, surprised. “I would have expected you to find that such an outrageous and rather cheeky suggestion merited at least a detention.”

“It wouldn’t have fazed her.” He had also tried sarcasm and insults before, but she was completely immune to any kind of maliciousness. Whatever he said, she would accept it with a dreamy expression and look at him as if she in her wisdom knew things he did not. “Nothing can unsettle Miss Lovegood. Believe me, I tried. Besides, what she suggested after that was even more outrageous.”

“What did she say?”

“She told me I should stop wearing black all the time and try pink instead. Gloomilows don’t like it.”

Hermione nearly doubled over with laughter when she tried to imagine this conversation. “Oh, to think that she actually got away with that! And you constantly accuse me of being cheeky!”

“Well, admittedly, I was bribed. Miss Lovegood made me a scarf for Christmas in her second year.”

“She gave you a Christmas present?”

“Yes. It was fluffy and baby-pink, heavily adorned with glittering snakes that merrily moved around on it. I guess I finally understand what she intended.” At the time, he had been absolutely shocked – firstly about the fact that a student would bother to give him something for Christmas, and even more so after he had removed the wrapping. He had instantly suspected that it was meant to be a bad joke or that the snakes would attack him any moment. But thorough examination had revealed that the scarf was hideous, but harmless. He had never understood why she had given it to him, but he was certain that, in her strange way, it had been a well-meant gesture. Miss Lovegood didn’t have a single malicious bone in her body. It was his remembrance of this fact that had made him clear his throat and answer her advice with all the civility he could muster: ‘Thank you, Miss Lovegood. But I’m afraid, pink isn’t my colour, either.’ Yes, he could be nice if he bothered to make the effort.

“Just out of curiosity: What happened to the scarf?”

He shrugged. “I still have it. I understand that you are supposed to cherish well-meant gifts, even if they’re dead ugly.” The truth was that he had cherished it. He hadn’t gotten a lot of presents in his life, and the mere gesture had touched him. Though he had still shoved the scarf into the far back of the lowest drawer in his wardrobe so he didn’t have to look at it.

Hermione looked at the Quibbler in her hands and shook her head. “Too bad. Apart from having had to deal with Netherfairies and now with Gloomilows, I seem to also have had a Common Whotnit infection at some point, given that I can’t see auras. Luna would like to know what her own colour is – she thinks she might be suffering from a mild case of Bluedrags herself. She suspects it’s a fluffy candy-pink, but, of course, she can’t know for sure, as you can’t see your own aura in a mirror.”

“So Miss Lovegood feels depressed, too? I thought you said she appeared rather – serene?”

“She does. According to her theory, she’s not so badly affected because Gloomilows don’t seem to like the colour of her aura – which is why she thinks it must be pink. She says it would match nicely with Neville’s lime-green. But then – maybe she’s been spared having nightmares thanks to the plate of milk she puts under her bed every evening, for the Weapknats. Luna claims you can’t have bad dreams if you draw them to your bedside.”

“Of course not,” Severus agreed with a solemn voice. “That’s actually common knowledge in the wizarding world, Miss Granger. Every loving mother puts a plate of milk underneath her offspring’s bed at night. I thought you knew, otherwise I’d have suggested you try this first, before going through the trouble of teaching you Occlumency.”

Hermione wasn’t sure if he was being especially sarcastic or actually serious. “Well, it wouldn’t have worked anyway. I know for sure that it’s Crookshanks who takes care of the milk as soon as the lights go out. So it must be Luna’s pink aura that’s helping her, not the Weapknats.”

“I’ve never quite been able to decide if Miss Lovegood is intriguing or just a nutcase.”

“Me neither. But you can’t deny that she often sees things that other people don’t,” Hermione said in a more serious tone. “She obviously believes that we’re good for each other. I totally agree with her on that. And she thinks that Harry and Draco should spend more time together for the same reason. She told me that his red and Harry’s hunter green also match nicely.”

Severus gave her a bemused look. “Harry’s green and Draco’s red?” he asked dubiously.

“Yes. Luna found it funny, too.”

He snorted. “Nutcase, then.”

“Actually, I think she’s exceptionally perceptive. I mean – think about it: Their almost instant enmity, their constant bickering and the mutual provocations.... It’s said that love and hate are closely related. Your relationship with Harry supports the theory.”

“I certainly don’t love Harry Potter, Miss Granger!”

“Well, I didn’t mean it literally. But you always felt strongly about him. You said it was loathing, but we both know that’s not entirely true. Sometimes, strong negative emotions can hide something else – you said so yourself.”

“And what do you think might it be that was always hidden by their mutual dislike? Attraction? Do you mean to tell me that Harry harbours romantic feelings for Draco, or that Draco might reciprocate them?”

“Do you think it’s impossible? As far as I know, Draco has never had a girlfriend.”

“God beware!”

“Does it matter to you? That at least one of your godsons cares for his own gender more than for the opposite one?”

“I wouldn’t care if both of them cared for hippogriffs more than anything else. But I surely hope they’ll not start something with each other!”

“Why ever not? There would be such a nice symmetry to it – both being your godsons, one dark, one blond, one exceptionally well groomed, the other one with hair sticking in all directions, both of them young and handsome... Visually speaking, they’d make a striking couple.”

“Lucius would have a mental breakdown,” Severus remarked. “It’s too bad we won’t be able to witness his reaction, if Miss Lovegood’s theories should ever prove right.”

Draco’s parents had both gone into exile after Voldemort’s defeat. They didn’t dare lay their fate in the hand of the Wizengamot. Their efforts on behalf of ‘the Light’ had been half-hearted at best, and they couldn’t count on the favour of the judges. They had gotten away too often, and the ministry was eager to show resolve and rigidity this time around. Supposedly, the Malfoys had fled to France, leaving their mansion and a large part of their money to Draco.

“So you think it’s possible?”

He shrugged. “How am I supposed to know? Draco doesn’t discuss matters of the heart with me. But... judging what I know about him... no, it’s not entirely impossible.”

“In that case, I’m pretty sure Harry would be interested.”

Severus pensively ran a finger along his lips. So Draco was the love interest he had heard them talk about in her memory... Interesting. “Don’t you dare tell Potter about my speculations regarding Draco, Miss Granger!”

“I won’t,” she promised, her gaze following his finger. His lips weren’t as thin as commonly thought. When not pressed into a hard line, they were actually nicely shaped. Smooth and supple, she mused, not fleshy. Who wanted fleshy lips in a man anyway? His had felt really good against hers...

Severus abruptly lowered his hand when he realised that she was staring at his mouth as if spellbound. He swallowed and cleared his throat. “Now, if we have quite finished discussing all your dunderhead friends and their love lives, can we move on to something of relevance and discuss how we are going to schedule our meetings for brewing and those Occlumency lessons?” he asked brusquely.

“Of course, Sir,” she said dutifully. “What are you suggesting?”

He gave her the options that would work best with his timetable and they agreed on times and dates, and worked out what potions she would be brewing and which essays she’d help him correct.

“I need your wand to link it into my wards. That way, you’ll be able to enter the Potions lab even if I’m absent.”

“Will it take long?” She looked hesitant to part with her wand.

“Just a minute.”

She nodded with relief and handed him her wand, which he eyed with interest.

“Is this new? I remember yours looking different...”

“Yes,” she said wistfully. “I never got it back. Most likely, Bellatrix destroyed it.”

“Why do I get the feeling that you are unhappy with your new wand?”

“Because I am. I really liked my old one. It was smooth, sure and powerful. The new one’s performance seems a bit erratic. I’m still struggling with it.”

He frowned. That was not supposed to happen. “Struggling in what way?”

“It’s hard to describe. I have the feeling that my magical performance is weaker. But the main issue is about reliability.”

“Hm... What kind of wood is it?”

“Beech. Reasonably supple. Twelve and a half inches. According to Ollivander, it’s associated with learning and knowledge. It’s said to be good for research and the Logical Arts Of Magic, particularly Ancient Runes, and, ironically, Divination.”

“Very fitting,” he remarked without a trace of sarcasm.

She looked at him askance. “You’re joking!”

“Actually no. Forget about Divination. We can reasonably assume that in your case, it stands for logic. Beech favours those who are strong-willed and strong of character.” Again, he wondered why the wand was giving her trouble. Beech wands were known to be performing weakly if their owner was narrow-minded, which definitely wasn’t the case with her. Which made him wonder if this had to do with her wand at all or if it was another indication for a slight instability in her magic. “What’s the core?”

“That’s the curious part. It has Dragon Heartstring, like my old wand, but it also has Thestral Hair.”

“A dual core?” he asked, surprised. Dual core wands were extremely rare.

“Yes. Mr. Ollivander was surprised, too. He doesn’t make many of those.”

“Indeed. It’s quite exceptional. But then, beech is rather uncommon, too. – Let’s see...” He got up and perused the bookshelf behind him, eventually taking out the tome he’d been looking for. ‘The Witch’s Wand: The Craft, Lore, and Magick of Wands & Staffs by Alferian Gwydion.’

“You have books on wandlore?”

“I’m interested in a variety of subjects. Besides, Dumbledore and I did a lot of reading to find out more about the Elder Wand. Did you know that the core of the Elder Wand is actually Thestral Hair?”

“No... It’s kind of fitting though, I guess, for a wand labelled ‘Death Stick’.

“It’s said that Thestral Hair wands can only be mastered by wizards or witches who are not afraid to face Death. Another reason why the Dark Lord had trouble with the Elder Wand. It’s capable of powerful magic – if the wielder has an understanding of himself. Otherwise, his spells will suffer.”

He skimmed the pages, finally finding the page referring to beech wands. “Interesting, Miss Granger,” he said, smirked and cited: “The true match for a beech wand will be, if young, wise beyond her years, and if full-grown, rich in understanding and experience. – A good match for a know-it-all. It seems as if I was right to call you that.”

“You’re probably better at divination than you think, too.”

“Hardly. I’ve just had years of practice studying the mysterious workings of the minds of children and teenagers. Now, Dragon Heartstring, as you surely remember stands for power, wisdom and devotion. Listen: ‘Having such a wand core suggests that you can be bossy at times, but also have a fiery disposition and have firm convictions, which will lead you down the road to leadership, as well as being devoted and selfless.” That surely fitted the old Miss Granger perfectly. He wondered what the Thestral Hair had added to that. He found the relevant page and skimmed it, then summarised the important parts for her. “Hm, interesting, indeed. Thestral Hair, just like Dragon Heartstring, is suited for wizards and witches who show strong-mindedness, compassion and wisdom. But whereas Dragon Heartstring is often also associated with boldness, fierceness and ambitiousness, Thestral Hair cores favour more – shall we say – ‘feminine’ qualities in its wielder, like perceptiveness, loyalty, caring and gentleness.”

“Really?” she asked, looking surprised. “I didn’t know that.”

“You’re telling me you didn’t immediately look it up?” He would have bet that it was the first think she had done, especially if the wand gave her trouble. The fact that she hadn’t was decidedly odd.

“I was afraid it might be something gloomy,” she admitted. “Something related to death and loss and sadness.”

“Because you only can see Thestrals if you have seen Death?”

She nodded. She had feared that the added Thestral Hair core was testament to how broken she was... a proof that something deep within her had died, or at least withered. The information she had just been given made perfect sense. What had died was her determination, her drive, her ambition.

“Despite their rather sinister appearance, Thestrals are actually gentle creatures. Herd animals, intelligent and loyal, though they can be fierce, too. I think the dual core is giving you options, Miss Granger.”

“Options?” She looked at him quizzically. Obviously, he had come to an entirely different conclusion.

“Indeed. You still have all the potential for great achievements that you had before, as supported by the Dragon Heartstring. But the Thestral Hair also supports those who chose a less ambitious, less boisterous path. Here, listen to this: 'You can be an incredibly driven and ambitious person when you set your mind to it, but you will often be content with a simple life and simple pleasures. You are often wise beyond your years, even at a young age.’ He lowered the book and looked at her with great solemnity. “I believe you have found a good match in your new wand, Miss Granger. Your problems with it probably stem in part from your own reluctance regarding the Thestral Hair. Don’t fear it – embrace what it offers.”

What he didn’t tell her was that Thestral Hair wands were known to perform weakly for those who had lost themselves. He didn’t think she was lost – just a bit thrown off track at the moment.

Hermione sat pondering all this new information while he performed a few charms on her wand. If she had had the courage to search for information on the Thestral Hair herself, she could have reconciled with her new wand sooner. Before the war, she wouldn’t have hesitated. Why was she so insecure now?

She hadn’t realised that she had voiced the question aloud until he answered. “You had a lot to deal with. The experiences you made left scars, not just physical ones.”

“So many people suffered really bad things. Compared to most of them, I came out relatively unscathed.”

“And what happened at Malfoy Manor?”

She shifted uncomfortably and averted her gaze. “Well, I suppose you can’t go to war and expect to come out without a scar or two. I survived, while many other didn’t. I should be happy and grateful and enjoy life now that it’s no longer overshadowed by Voldemort. But I don’t know how to do that. There’s an emptiness to everything that wasn’t there before. I can’t describe it.”

“Of course you feel emptiness. The Dark Lord was a dominant factor in all our lives, and his existence defined our actions. With him gone, so has this purpose.”

“That still doesn’t justify feeling like I do most of the time... scared, jumpy, depressed, adrift. It’s understandable for people like Lavender, after what Greyback did to her... She’ll never be the same. Her scars cannot even be hidden under buttoned sleeves. Greyback was there, at the Manor. It could have been me, too.”

He gave her an incredulous look. “And because you haven’t actually been raped, bitten or left with visible scars by Greyback, but just narrowly escaped that fate you think you don’t deserve the right to be traumatised by the experience?”

“I just mean that there’s no logical reason for me to start losing it now. We all suffered. You probably suffered most. And yet here you are – doing your job, getting on with your life without having panic attacks or nightmares. You moved on.”

“You take me as an example for someone living, coping and moving on?” He snorted. “There’s more to life than functioning, Miss Granger. Or so I’ve been told.”

“Yes, there should be. And yet, at the moment, it seems to be all I’m capable of: Breathing, getting up every morning, eating, doing what is expected for the day... But I have no idea what to do with my life. I can’t imagine my future. I came back here simply because I didn’t know what else to do, because I had no other place to go and because I longed for some familiarity after all the madness.”

Yes, that pretty much mirrored his own motives. He had come back because otherwise, he would have felt that he had left Hogwarts defeated. This chapter of his life deserved a different kind of closure. But so far, he hadn’t made any plans either. Except for trying to fulfil his mission, he hadn’t ever had plans for his life. But he could see why she found that unsettling. She, who had always had plans and schedules, now found herself drifting, without the courage or the energy to make decisions. “You’re not the only one who feels that way,” he told her, again revealing more to her than he would ever have imagined. “Just consider this year a time out. I know I do. Time to deal with what has happened, find a new purpose. It will come back to you, just give yourself time. You don’t have to decide anything now.”

She smiled. “For someone who thinks he doesn’t know how to give advice, you’re being awfully helpful. Thank you!”

“Well, I intend to make you helpful as well, so there’s no need to thank me,” he said rather curtly, feeling slightly uncomfortable at her praise. He wasn’t used to be thanked for anything, and she made a disconcerting habit out of it.

“Here... you’re going to need this.” He held out a red quill. “It’s self-inking and charmed to mimic my handwriting – and my style. I can’t have you go soft on my students.”

Hermione took a piece of parchment and wrote down ‘I’m very grateful for your help’. The letters immediately transformed into his unmistakable, spiky, but still oddly elegant handwriting and the sentence now read: ‘Your efforts on my behalf have not gone entirely unnoticed.’ Hermione raised her eyebrows. “Oh, isn’t that interesting...” she muttered, and gave it another try. ‘I immensely enjoy our conversations’ became ‘Listening to your chattering isn’t actually as bothersome as I had expected it to be’ , and ‘I like you’ almost instantly read: ‘You’re much less insufferable than the rest of the people I have to deal with.’

“Oh – I believe I’m going to have much fun with this! Does it work vice versa? You know, translating Snape-coded speech back into its actual meaning?”

“Don’t get cheeky with me again, Miss Granger! I can always make you scrub cauldrons or the lab floor instead of letting you brew!”

“Ah, but that would be such a waste of my talents...” She gathered her things and handed him the sheet of parchment with the transformed notes. “Just so you know...” With a grin that was definitely cheeky, she got up. “I see you tomorrow, then, Professor Snape.”

A/N: The citations were actually taken from TUTORIAL 1: WANDS AND WAND CORES by Anna Brelin, which can be found at fanfiction.net

Information contained therein can also be found on other website (like http :// mischief managedhpwiz), which refers to Garrick Olivander. So I have reason to believe that most of it is actually Canon.

As to a potential relationship between Harry and Draco: I used Harry’s coming-out rather spontaneously as an idea for his ‘payment’ to the Netherfairies. It didn’t really play a role at that time. As I was stuck with it in this story, I thought that partnering him with Draco was the most logical and interesting thing to do. It won’t be an important part of this story, however, so I hope you won’t mind too much. Poor Ginny, though! I like Harry just as well with her! I should probably let her find a nice man to fall in love with, probably a muggle whose name happens to be Peter Potter. Arthur would be thrilled, and she could still give birth to Albus Severus Potter, so as not to mess up Ms. Rowling's follow-up stories completely. ;)

Oh, and did I tell you that I absolutely love Luna?

Getting the Best of the Gloomilows by zaubernuss [Reviews - 6]

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