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A Duo of Lists by dragoon811 [Reviews - 15]

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Author's Note: And you thought that I wouldn't, Sterling. Here you go. Hope you all enjoy this silly little fic!

A Duo of Lists

There sits a pad of paper, stuck neatly to the front of a refrigerator with magic. The edges are perfectly aligned with the sides of the appliance. Round, neat writing fills the lines, and each page is labeled: “To Do/Purchase”.

On August 15th, 2002, the list reads:

treats for Crooks -fish and shrimp
purchase Ministry robes! - ask how many sets Malkins recommends?
alter robes
new quills
bottle of wine – gift to partner!
new file folders
peanut butter

There sits a journal on a cluttered desk next to an empty sandwich plate, the spiky, cramped writing nearly illegible. The most recent page is dated the 20th of August, 2002, and reads:

write second reply to Kingsley refusing to wear the hideous Ministry robes
pack laboratory, direct elves to send to Spinner's End
leave syllabus for replacement
basic foodstuffs for house: bread, milk, eggs, etc.
bottle of wine for whoever my unspeakable partner ends up being
Ogden's finest
wand polish
cauldron cleaner

September 20th, 2002

To Do/Purchase:
cat litter
chocolate – buy extra, he's horrid and I'll need the pick me up
bottle of wine
maybe some pastries for breakfast? Something quick
go to bed
on time tonight

November 1st, 2002

The writing is angry, almost.

tell her off again for sticking her nose in my business
more Ogden's
replace broken table (damn it)
new mug
repair front door – why the hell she blasted it in I will never know

December 12th, 2002

To Do/Purchase:
wrap gift for Snape
mail Christmas letters to Mum & Dad, Grandma Puckle
owl presents and cards – Ron is in France with Gabrielle this year, don't forget
change Galleons for pounds at Gringotts
take-away for dinner

December 28th, 2002

get Granger a Christmas gift, thank Merlin she believed that I left it at home
tea for the office
owl treats – bloody bird nearly took my finger off this morning

January 8th, 2003

To Do/Purchase:
soup and lots of it
card for Severus and owl it
Floo in sick
brew pepper up if I can keep my eyes open

January 10th, 2003

send another vial of Pepper Up to Granger- no one else here could find their arse with a search party and detailed map
(don't thank her for the card you imbecile)
chomping cabbage, 12oz
beetle eyes, pref from Madagascar
renew Potions Quarterly

February 19th, 2003

kill whoever invented love potions
kill whoever dosed her

February 20th, 2003

apologise to her

Then, in smaller script even more cramped:
why the fuck does she like me

March 2nd, 2003

To Do/Purchase:
tidy flat before he gets here
make dinner – pasta??
cat food – dry
tin of coffee for after dinner?

March 4th, 2003

Written in scratchy pencil
catnip to stop her bloody beast from following me about
flowers? no, that's stupid
tea, the kind she likes, for the office
new quill – thrice-damned cat

April 12th, 2003

To Do/Purchase:
the pastries Severus likes
owl treats
ink – green, black
hairbrush – broke another one
books! Budget: 50 galleons
plan research schedule

April 30th, 2003

icing sugar
fruit suitable for a tart
tea, I suppose

June9th, 2003

tickets to the Wizarding Symphonic
have the robes Lucius gave me for Christmas fitted
try to manage at least one flower this time
tell Hermione how I feel

July 28th, 2003

To Do/Purchase:
tell Harry I can't make it to his birthday
convince Severus to holiday with me at the beach, not that he'll put up much of a fight
purchase bikini
practice glamouring my scars
cat litter
cat treats for Crooks
new notebooks

August 2nd, 2003

sunscreen potions ineffective; must create new version

September 18th 2003

To Do/Purchase:
ice cream
cat litter
tin of peas
pick up fish and chips for two
cat food – chicken and liver if possible
toothbrush in case he spends the night

A new page sits open.

pick up billywig stingers
lacewing fly larvae, preserved
toy to distract her cat long enough for me to close the door
brew birth control potion – Merlin, words I thought I would never write

October 31st, 2003

The pad is crooked, hastily stuck back in place.

To Do/Purchase:
wedding gown


A Duo of Lists by dragoon811 [Reviews - 15]

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