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The Purloined Revenge by Helena Rickman [Reviews - 7]

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A/N This was written for the LJ granger_snape100 community challenge "Rescue Me". It is short, but very dark.
Not mine, no money.

Losing one’s virginity was supposed to be special. Problem is, most girls also lose their hearts to those who claimed their virtue.

Losing one’s body to a vicious scar, war wound or not, wasn’t supposed to be crippling. Problem is, a young woman’s confidence is easily compromised.

Losing one’s lover to a more vivacious girl was supposed to be a learning experience. Problem is, Hermione had had one too many life experiences. This one crushed her.

Losing one’s scruples shouldn’t happen to good girls from good families. Ms. Granger feared her family would no longer exist by the end of the war.

Keeping Potter safe was supposed to be the fulfillment of a life-debt. Problem is, Potter came with accessories – namely one Hermione Granger.

Too many loyalties; so many obligations. Granger’s despair sunk lower than most angst-ridden sixth year’s, and that despair bled into her company. Potter was becoming suspicious; angry; emotionally unhinged. If Granger could be refocused, Potter would benefit from her strength. Something had to be done.

“Exceptional skill in ingredient preparation today, Granger. Take 5 points.”
“Your role as a prefect has not impeded your scholastic ability. An ‘O’ is appropriate.” Changes, though slight, were noted in her demeanor.
Even though Hermione became able to present a “brave face” on the outside, her psyche never recovered from Ron’s betrayal.

“This Order cannot ignore the benefit of Ms. Granger – I sponsor her for early induction.” She didn’t understand Snape’s unsolicited support from the past few weeks, but it bolstered her courage. Life could go on, yet the direction would change.

Private lessons in Occlumency and field medicine provided some tools; Snape provided the inspiration. A spy had to be hard, cold, resourceful, secretive. A spy must have the resolve to perform the abhorrent tasks needed to complete the job.

All it took was one small Bloodroot petal, purloined and unmissed from the potioneer’s inventory. Dried and ground to a fine powder, it was never noticed when slipped into a dorm-mate’s bedside glass of water.

Occulmency skills kept Hermione beyond reproach when interviewed the next day over the death of the poisoned Gryffindor. Her status as a member of the Order of the Phoenix cast the shadow of doubt in other directions.

Though he couldn’t prove it, Snape was certain who was responsible. He decided to keep his counsel to himself. His rescue was complete. Granger possessed the confidence and ability to kill when the time would draw nigh.

The Purloined Revenge by Helena Rickman [Reviews - 7]

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