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The Girl by sevra28 [Reviews - 1]

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A/N: thanks to my betas AmyLouise and atdelphi! Enjoy.

The Girl
His cruelty did intensify as time it did progress
It was necessary for his plan; it had to be a success.
High praise to her genius, at first only in his head.
Belittling abuse and punishment THE GIRL received, the more he thought of luring her to his bed.
She owed him she belonged to him for the times he saved their lives. But he couldn't just take her; he had to be devious, cunning, and wise.

THE GIRL started to receive praise for only her ears to hear.
He took her under his wing, but to his rules she had to adhere.
He secretly taught her to brew glory, because that is what would sustain him in the end.
He was cruel and bitter lying, making her believe he was her only friend.
On the night she came of age, he dragged THE GIRL from her bed.
Dreading the use of force never once thinking to use kindness instead.
He was looking to feed off her fear, but there was none to be had.
She looked upon him lovingly; THE GIRL was indeed a treasure. his bitter heart should be glad.
Innocence taken, a deed she had gladly done.
Cruor virginis volentis... he won.
A Coup - stupidly devoted, he lashed out. He thought he severed the tie. THE GIRL had done what was necessary for he could not, would not, die.
A life taken, a will strengthened, a tedious oppressive time.
His masters sealed his fate, but with THE GIRL death he did defy.
Where he only thought to use the girl to save his life and release her back into the world,
she purposely tethered his soul to hers without him knowing; devious, cunning, and selfish things he thought she wouldn't learn, proving that he was right to believe in her, the smartest witch of the age Hermione THE GIRL.

The Girl by sevra28 [Reviews - 1]

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