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Flattened by Ladymage Samiko [Reviews - 17]

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Severus glanced over at his wife, who was curled up on their couch, reading. She'd been there for most of the past twenty-four hours, stopping only briefly for loo breaks and eating with her eyes glued to the pages. Thankfully, it looked like she was almost finished; perhaps now he could finally…

"Ew!" Snape's attention refocused sharply at her exclamation. "I can't believe... I can't believe they'd think that!"

He grabbed The Deathly Hallows from Hermione's hands and scanned its pages. His sallow skin became uglier with a pronounced green tinge. "I am supposed to have done everything for her?!"

ANs: This was initially written and posted many moons ago, when DH was published and before all the HGSS fanfic began filling in the gaps and inconsistencies in Snape's character/history.

Flattened by Ladymage Samiko [Reviews - 17]

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