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Beyond the Door by Ladymage Samiko [Reviews - 9]

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(NB - These are elsewhere posted as separate chapters and are collated in this form due to Ashwinder's chapter length policy.)

Beyond the Library Door

Draco slipped quietly into the house; he didn’t need to startle Father awake.

Frowning, Draco noticed firelight flickering through the open library door—strange at this late hour. Cautiously, Draco slid inside—and gaped.

There, before the fireplace, lay Granger, clothed only in her superabundance of hair. Curled around her was Severus, head nestled on her shoulder. Sprawled alongside, outflung arm her pillow, was… Father.

For long moments, Draco gazed with a wistful envy at how neatly the three fit together. Silently, he retreated—for his camera. Father would appreciate the photograph.

And blackmail would pay for new silk robes.

AN: I was reading some threesome fics this morning, which prompted this little drabble. It needed quite a bit of pruning (160 => 100 words), which chopped down Draco's reactions more than I would've liked.

Beyond the Study Door

“He has what?”

Somehow, Lucius hadn’t expected Hermione to have such a shrill, girlish scream. “A photograph. Of us. All of us,” he clarified. “From All Hallows, when my dear little boy was supposed to be properly debauching himself in London.” He glanced, slightly nervous, at Severus, who was characteristically silent.

All Hallows,” Hermione repeated, shoving her hair back. She blinked, and in quite a different voice, “That was quite a good night, wasn’t it?”

“Quite,” Lucius purred. “The scents of leather, parchment, and ink do wonders for you two, apparently.”

Only someone watching closely could have detected Severus’s smile.

Beyond the Second-Best-Guestroom-with-Green-Silk-Wallpaper Door

“Thoughtful child, having it framed,” Severus commented drily.

“Quite.” Lucius was equally dry— verbally, at least.

Hermione rolled over, plucking the photograph from Severus’s hands. “It’s actually rather lovely, though, isn’t it?”

“Mmm,” came the chorus of agreement as the two men bracketed her on either side.

“And his price for the negatives?”

Tsukinowa silk robes,” Lucius grumbled. “Rather minimal, actually. I imagine it’s just for form’s sake, really.”

“So tell him to publish and be damned,” Snape shrugged.

“Let's just pay him.” They gave Hermione matching incredulous looks. “I want my own copy,” she insisted, adding, "But do make him sweat a little, first.”

AN: Tsukinowa silk is my own invention for a ve~ery old fanfic. It is made from the cocoons of Japanese youkai (demon) moths and stays pristinely clean no matter what you do to it. ^_^
As always, a token in the little box is much appreciated.

Beyond the Burrow Door

The party was meant to be small; how those two had gotten in was beyond Ron’s comprehension.

“Happy Birthday!”

“Open mine first!” Ron urged.

“Severus and I have both brought a small honorarium, Miss Granger,” Lucius interjected smoothly, Weasley’s antics inspiring a disdainful eyebrow.

“Why not?” Hermione grinned, adding flippantly, “I enjoy getting presents from strange men!” She neatly slid silver ribbon from Severus’s box. With an amused expression at the contents, she set it aside and opened Lucius’s.

“Well?” Ginny demanded. “Show!”

Dead silence followed as Hermione displayed the miniscule lace brassičre from Severus and matching knickers from Lucius.

ANs: Written for the GS100 'movie' challenge, and inspired by the line from 'Clue': “Why not? I enjoy getting presents from strange men.” (After all, who could be stranger than those two? (^_^)) So, a little something to be tacked on to the 'Door' series.
Hope you enjoyed and, as always, a little token in the review box is much appreciated.

Beyond the Door by Ladymage Samiko [Reviews - 9]

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