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Hurricane Hermione by MsTree [Reviews - 6]

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Disclaimer: Characters = JKR. Title = National Hurricane Center. Drabble = mine. ^_^

A/N: Much thanks to linlawless for the quick beta. The idea for this little drabble came from Denise_W, a member of Potter_Place at Yahoogroups, due to a misspelling of Hermine, the storm that flooded Texas and still managed to instill flood warnings in my little part of Misery. ^_~

The door slams open. Papers on the desk riffle from the force of the wind passing through the sitting room of Severus Snape’s quarters. Those papers unfortunate enough to lie untethered fly around the room like autumn leaves before a storm. The sound of water rushing through ancient pipes can be heard issuing from another room. Once again, the gale-force wind passes through, this time leaving the impression of a kiss on a beard-roughened cheek.

“What was that?” asks Harry, his green eyes wide behind his spectacles as the door slams shut.

“Hurricane Hermione,” Severus answers with a fond smile.

Hurricane Hermione by MsTree [Reviews - 6]

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