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Hovering by Ladymage Samiko [Reviews - 12]

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Severus Snape was being annoying. Not threatening nor intimidating nor even insulting. Simply… annoying. And there was no escaping him. He would just be there, any time, day or night, with that look on his face and fingers twitching ever so slightly. Hermione would look up from her book, or sit down to breakfast, or even roll over in bed, and there he would be. No words, just… watching. Waiting.

It was very irritating that he wouldn’t just ask already.

And yet…

“All right, you insufferable man!” And Hermione opened her robes to let her husband feel her pregnant belly.

ANs: This was inspired by a (rather good) Korean drama I've been (re)watching called 'Bad Family'. The father is so thrilled about the pregnancy that he keeps irritating the mother by talking to it and calling the (microscopic) kid by name and insisting she not do anything and eat right, etc., etc., etc. That's not the Snapean way, of course, but I imagined he'd have his own ways of expressing 'tickled pink' emotions.

Hovering by Ladymage Samiko [Reviews - 12]

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