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In His Own Corner by Ladymage Samiko [Reviews - 7]

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In His Own Corner

The chair is comfortable—and in a corner, so nothing may come up behind him. Even after these few, peaceful years, he maintains firm phobias about such things.

The party is in full swing, and he watches the gaiety from his solitary post. But this solitude is by choice and carries no bitterness.

She flits from group to group, some words here, a laugh there. Her hair everywhere. As usual. Only an occasional, absentminded rub betrays the ache of old scars.

She glances over towards his corner; he smiles in reply, enfolded in the warmth and love of her gaze.

AN: This was an unintentional drabble; I was meaning to write one thing and it metamorphosed into this. A happy accident, for I like this and managed to write the intended one as Carbon Dating. I hope you've enjoyed it as well. FYI, the title is adapted from the Rodgers & Hammerstein song 'In My Own Little Corner'(Cinderella), though it has little to do with anything (here).
originally scribed 12/14/09

In His Own Corner by Ladymage Samiko [Reviews - 7]

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