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A Ghastly Thought by Ladymage Samiko [Reviews - 11]

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A Ghastly Thought

A Truly Unforgivable Curse

Folks had hoped that marriage to—well, anyone, really, but Granger had, strangely enough, actually done it—would soften Snape. Whether it was company or a daily shag, something ought to improve his attitude. But no, he was still the same prickly git he'd been for the last thirty-odd years. In fact, his favourite pastime remained Minerva-baiting; her Scottish temper was eternally amusing.

But he'd apparently gone too far.

Minerva sputtered for several moments. "You!" She gripped her wand. "May you have twelve children, Severus Snape," she gasped, "and may they all be exactly. like. Harry. Potter!"

'T'ain't Easy

"'T'ain't easy bein' a boggart these days," Bart complained.

A chorus of boggart voices agreed.

"I mean, you're practically considered a parlour trick," Bart continued. "'Poof', it's one thing, 'poof' another. Bloody exhaustin' and not enough fear for even a midnight snack when all's done." He took a swig of bogey ale while others nodded.

"So what's set you off, then, Bart?" called Perry. "Always thought Snape a right easy bloke."

"Was," Bart groused. "'Ad to turn into a 'orde of curly-'aired, lightnin'-scarred kids, for a start. An' then 'is bleedin' wife Riddikulused 'em into 'is own personal cheerleadin' squad."

originally scribed: 3/19/07 & 6/5/07

AN: Saa… More old drabbles. I still like 'Truly Unforgivable', but 'Easy' never quite worked right. Sound idea, but the execution was a bit off, and I never tried to fix it.

A Ghastly Thought by Ladymage Samiko [Reviews - 11]

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