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A Home Away from Hogwarts by Ladymage Samiko [Reviews - 15]

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A Home Away from Hogwarts

He was somewhat uncertain; he'd never prepared a guestroom before. But Miss Granger needed a safe house and Grimmauld Place was completely demolished. Still, his house's atmosphere was enough to depress even Albus. So he tried to make something relatively liveable.

Hermione watched him reach into the bookshelf. "I wish to make one thing quite clear, first," he declared, handing her the volume he'd selected. "This is your copy, completely unaltered." She blinked, puzzled, at her beloved book, and nodded.

He opened the bedroom door.

She burst out laughing. Snape had papered the walls with pages from Hogwarts: A History.

originally scribed: 2/26/07

AN: Still working on bringing the Ashwinder archive up to date, so expect a lot more drabbles in weeks to come (assuming my impetus doesn't disappear). Also, more 'Nightshirt' is due up within the next day or so, for those of you who may be waiting for it.

A Home Away from Hogwarts by Ladymage Samiko [Reviews - 15]

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